INTRODUCTION: When someone expresses their concern about our corrupt politicians, they should have a valid reason for their concern AND a solution, because criticized politicians came to power by criticizing other politicians. It is not WHAT is said that is important, but WHO says it, because ANYTHING any truly concerned human being says, can be plagiarized by those on television, presented as their own and then derailed into a commercial or another propaganda video. I understand very well that I am just one of the billions of truly concerned human beings, and as such I never did and never could fit into their political circus on the controlled mass media. My reasons for being politically concerned are well explained on this web site, as is the presented solution. What may concern a lot of true activists, is our lack of popularity, recognition, but that is also very well explained here. It is also no secret that the laziest people would rather lead, or as they may claim "educate", than work.

I was born in 1973. When I was 6, my mother took me to this place outside the city, we went in, she talked to some people, then we went outside, there was a tall building with small windows with bars in them. we waited for a while, and then from one of the windows on the top floor a white towel appeared, and on that towel was written in English: "WE WILL WIN". My mother translated to me what it meant, told me it was my father, and I felt like crying. I think this is when my deep hatred of government began. And all the respect that I had for the American system, which I did as a child, as a teenager and in my early 20's, completely vanished over the last 17 years as I started paying attention and I realized that behind the scenes, the same group of people who controlled the so called socialism, control America and other so called free nations.

When I was 6 my father went to prison in Siberia for writing about what he thought could be a better economical system. When I was 9 he returned, and I hardly recognized him, he was very thin, and I only knew my mother. 2 weeks later my mother "disappeared" and about a week later we found out that she was imprisoned, for as she now explains "embarrassing the communist system". (see: [12] REMEMBERING COMMUNIST HYPOCRISY) I was devastated, especially because I was not close with my father. Despite all that I would say I had a somewhat normal childhood, my father got a job as a tourist guide in a lake resort every summer for the next few years where we would go around in row boats from camp to camp and sleep in tents, fishing and picnicking. It was a lot of fun. But we felt trapped in a communist system, because there was no possibility to leave, or to have our own business, you could only work for the government. I remember my father thinking about entering a US embassy in Moscow and barricading ourselves in until they allow us to leave, but there would have been no turning back, and not clear how long it would take, and it would have been bad for my mother, so we never ended up doing that.

In school I used to fight A LOT, but I never started a fight in my life - Teachers would sometimes call me an "American imperialist" in front of the class room (because of my parents anti communist stance) and that encouraged kids to bully me. Fortunately I won most of the fights that I remember. One time I remember boys from my whole class room followed me home, looking for a fight. To this day I can not understand what that was all about.

One time when I was about 7 or 8, I scribbled a swastika inside my notebook at school, I had no idea about who Adolf Hitler or the Germans were at that time, except perhaps that "Nazis" were not friends of communists and communists were not my friends, because they had my father imprisoned. And the next day, assistant principle barged into our class room, came up to me, looked at my notebook, saw the swastika, grabbed me by the ear, dragged me all the way down to her office on the other end of school, and gave me a 20 minute lecture about "what a disgrace I would be to Lithuania if I would ever succeed to come to America". To this day I wonder why she cared so much about what Americans thought of Lithuania, since USSR and America supposedly were "enemies" anyway.

When I was 13 in 1987, my mother was released from prison. My parents did not get along at all at that point, I assume because they were separated for too long; and about half a year later we were finally allowed to leave USSR. We chose to come to America. We had nothing. Because my father was a political prisoner and because he spoke good English, he was offered a job at a radio station to talk about politics, but he was told that he would need to exaggerate his stories of his time in a Soviet labor camps "to make it more interesting for the listeners" - my father refused, instead taking a $7 an hour job working with plaster. Eventually we developed our own concrete business. What we make and sell should be nobody's business reading this, because in the future I plan to keep my personal business, and politics separate, because I have no plans to retire like politicians do - with special pensions, writing books and making speeches for money - I want neither publicity for my business, nor competition from those who may be against me. All I can say is that I can be seen working from the road in front of cement mixer on a regular basis, and if I shall become famous, and if the media shall begin sticking it's nose into my private life, then I say god bless those extremists who behead those journalists: What I just said will make more sense in full context and understanding of my vision.

Few weeks after coming to America, my parents separated and I stayed with my father whom I was closer to. My teenage years in America... Because I could not fit in too well with American kids, I started playing guitar, I developed great love for music. I could not relate to drum box music or the current "top chart" artists such as Milli Vanilli and Vanilla Ice.

In America, the idea of racism was new to me - For example as I was walking to the music store through North Philadelphia in 1989 (I wanted to save on a bus fare, we were living in Upper Darby at the time) I got jumped by a group of black scum 3 times within about 8 blocks, until I decided to wait for the bus near the older people. Ironically 6 years later my father decided to move to that area because it was cheaper to rent the space we needed for our business. The first week we moved to North Philadelphia, a girl was found murdered on our block, and I got mugged. This is something I was not used to in USSR, but eventually I developed a talent to blend in with the locals and I would walk even at night without much problems. In 1998, when I saw the news on TV about a black man who got dragged to death by white scum in Texas I knew to stay inside and I knew that something bad will happen, but I was not an indoor type of person and the next day or later that same day I did go out of my house and I did get beaten up by a group of black scum. I eventually lost my interest in playing guitar and developed an interest for politics. Also around 1996-1998 I smashed several TV sets and my entire CD collection, ironically few months later napster came out and I was soon able to download all my music and more once again.

Up to around this time there is no doubt in my mind that I respected and loved America more than the average American I knew, because unlike the people who are born here, we had to struggle to come here, and so we appreciated what America had to offer. But as I began paying closer attention to American politics, especially after hearing Bill Clinton's state of the Union address in 1997, in which it seemed to me he was trying to take credit for the collapse of Soviet Union, as I saw American nation building in Serbia, and especially a video on CNN of two Serbian soldiers in uniform shot on the street dying and begging not to be filmed, and later a rerun of the same video with guns added next to them, my views on this country changed completely - I felt America that I was living in had no business dictating to anyone else how to deal with their governments until it fixes it's own problems at home. It was a 180 degree turn from the drawing I made 10 years earlier in Soviet Union for the school project when a teacher asked us to draw a picture of world peace, and I drew a globe covered with Soviet ballistic missiles, written sarcastically on the bottom "for world's protection". Now politics became my complete passion, ironically I would get repeatedly banned from practically all political forums over the next 17 years. If in a year I would get another computer or relocate and my IP address would change, I would be able to sign up again, and then after a while I would get banned again - After a while I could not believe it: people who would insult me calling me names, cursing, calling my wife a prostitute, people who made fun of my dogs getting shot would remain on those forums after my account has been suspended - those posters had 50,000 or 100,000 posts under their profile, and it's not just one forum, it's all forums. I tried to establish my own forum back in 2000, but it would always get hijacked and derailed, and it would function at a very slow speed: I concluded that there is an orchestrated effort to suppress the opposition in America and the so called axis of democracy by leading it: politicians are paid to criticize each other without going too far or offering any meaningful solution.

In 2000 I was arrested for robbery: I was walking home as a drug addict approached me and started demanding money from me, he then smashed a beer bottle and started threatening to cut me "give me my money", I pulled out my pocket knife and he backed off, and I continued walking, and he continued following me. I got into my house, and about a minute later I saw police lights flashing, knock on my door, I opened my door, the officer checked my pockets saw the knife, grabbed me, put handcuffs on me and threw me in a police car. I was not allowed to say anything. I spent 3 nights, 3 days in jail, and I know I would have spent 3 months there until the last trial date if my father would not have been able to bail me out. I shared the cell with some very sick old people. I saw teenagers molested by guards by way of strip search. I now found it hypocritical that American politicians and political experts on mass media talk about protecting human rights in other nations. then I had to go to court 3 times, and every time I would have to wait for a few hours until the judge calls my name, the "victims" name, victim of course is not there, I try to open my mouth and the judge says "go home, come back on such and such date" - this happened 3 times, after that the case was dropped since they finally realized there is no victim, and I immediately filed my own charges against the 25th police district, and another police district ended up handling my case. I began to wonder if I am not back in USSR, at the time I was very seriously considering shooting up that police station.

In 2003 I bought a house on front street, on different side of the same block in which I lived since 1995, and rented a warehouse for our business on that same block. Few years later License and Inspections division began harassing us about a zoning permit, it dragged on for a few years - we could not get a zoning permit, because the guy who was renting the warehouse had some issues with the previous owner and so his signature was not valid, or so I was told. bottom line is I was unable to get a zoning permit all this time and we had to find another place, which was a big hassle for us with concrete business. I remember in 2007 it was illegal for us to work there, but we had business, trying desperately to make enough money to buy our own place - we would arrange to have sand and stone delivered inside the building by me driving around the block waiting until there are no police cars nearby, and upon signal my father would open the gate and I sneak in. We had to run a gas cement mixer inside the building (illegally). Noise was not a problem because it was right under the elevated train which made the whole block rumble anyway, and it was a commercial property. And then when it was time to ship out our product to the customers, we would open the gate without worries, pull up the truck, if the inspector shows up, we tell him that "we are slowly moving out, just sold part of our stock"

Luckily, and I can only assume with the help of God, we managed to make enough money to buy our property we are living in now. And just as luckily that we did not get a bank loan but managed to pay all in cash! We now suspect that the whole zoning violation was just a lame excuse to push us out of there, because right after we moved in April of 2008, they built some government building right across the street from 1932 N. Front St. which was our warehouse.

The place we bought is deep in the woods, it was a known bar restaurant before where they used to have bands, but when we saw the ad for it on internet, it appeared to us like a warehouse where we could store our stuff. we came to see it was not, but it was a long trip, and we loved the surroundings, and we were low on options, we needed to move, and it also had a bar, and it came with a liquor license, and cheap, cheaper than anything in or around the city. So we decided to buy the place anyway and build our own warehouse beside it, and store the stuff in the dance hall until we did, with forklift outside for the time being. Moving here was great, it was like we finally discovered America, for the second time, only this time more real. It was 2008. I was anticipating to open the bar to talk to people, to discuss politics and the future of America. I did not open the bar to profit from alcoholics, I even had it written in my menu: "you no not have to drink alcohol to fit in to this place". After getting everything in order I finally opened the bar in June of 2009, and as I started talking about politics, practically all people were in full agreement with me about the corruption, cause of corruption and about what needs to be done in America - they admired me greatly. But soon, some people began showing up and politely advising me not to talk politics in the bar "it's not good for business" I did not listen, politics was now in my heart and soul. And so the vandalism of my place began - restrooms in particular - toilets would be broken every week, we could not keep up with repairs. One day I lost my temper and put a note on the front door of my bar that said "WARNING: anti government people and inspectors only. those who support the US government or US military are not welcome to my bar" and with this sign on the front door of my bar, people kept coming in, and no one cared - I remember 3 days later the bar was full, because no one liked the government anyway, but then, someone quoted that sign out of context, put all the emphasis on the word "military" took out the other part about government, since they knew they can not attack me about government, since no one likes the government, put that in a newspaper and all of a sudden I became an anti veteran and anti American. And that is when even more vandalism began at my bar, business sign was torn off multiple times, even the ceiling damaged. And eventually I closed the bar, which is fine, I do not miss any alcoholics, nor any patriots who got discouraged from coming to my bar because it was now known officially as the anti patriotic place - we all know the truth inside - they all criticize the government and their president no less than me. One military guy for example who actually "served" in Iraq was not offended by the sign, he kept coming and drinking my alcohol practically for free, we usually did not talk about politics, just listen to music, but he would sometimes complain about brutalities of war after he would get too drunk, and I had to drive him home at least 5 times.

On November 26, of 2013 I released a short video on YouTube stating that "This is a message to leaderships of nations which have not yet been hijacked by international bankers. I am an American, am a working man who has not sat on welfare or unemployment, I represent the American people, if you think I'm delusional, why don't you conduct a poll with a for and against option as in a referendum, and put me up against Obama, Bush or any other so called popular leaders, and you will see who is more liked" - the video also showed my two dogs competing for the stick with an explanation "this is like a thousand dollar bill to them, they will do anything for it, but as soon as I pick up a new stick, they forget the old stick like it's a piece of wood". - 8 days later, on December 4th of 2013 my two dogs were shot as they were walking with my father right near my house, and even though I managed to get the license plate of the shooter and the police told me they know who he is, they talked to him, the police did not even give me his information so that I could press charges against this guy who shot my dogs, and the police did not even give me a copy of the 9:11 call which the shooter made after he saw me coming with my own gun, in which he said "I am here at the Nansen, I was attacked" - Nansen is the name of my bar which I was forced to shut down recently due to vandalism, which means he knew exactly where he was at and what he was doing. I lost all faith in American justice system, and for anyone who tells me to leave if I don't like it here, my response is I will be happy to leave permanently the day America liberates all the nations it has destroyed and pulls all troops out from foreign soil. And if until that day they will claim that their troops are wanted there by someone, then I state that I am wanted in America by true Americans.

THE PASSING OF MY FATHER - My father was the best friend all my life and I think I was his best friend. But it's ok: I realize that life is just a weird dream, and my weird dreams are no more weird than this weird life in which we are clueless where the sky ends, how the earth spins around the sun and hangs at the balance, moon and all that stuff, so it is obvious that one day we all wake up and realize we just had a weird dream.

THE DAY EVENTS AS THEY OCCURED. October 23, 2014. As we woke up, we were making omelet together, having fun, talking. Then we were working in the warehouse, me and my wife casting concrete as usual and my father was getting ready to pour a couple of the new molds. After that my father was anticipating our help to pour the new molds, but he didn't want to start until we can help him, we had to go to Kane to buy some things and were going to help him when we come back, but it took a little bit longer, and he started without us. He called me while me and my wife were in Kane, angry that I was not there, right when I got back home, he called again, and I hang up the phone listening to him shouting from the warehouse, I put the stuff we bought in the house and went right to the warehouse where I saw him lying on the ground and instantly ran up to help. after a minute surprisingly he got up and started advising me what to pour and how, because once the material is mixed the time is limited before it hardens and it was stressful. he got up and kept showing me as I was doing what he started, for about 10 minutes he was doing that, he seemed completely normal, I even began to wonder if he did not fake his heart attack to gain attention. Then all of a sudden he lied down or collapsed in the same area struggling again, I kept pouring as he asked Cleo to bring him a cup of water, which he drank, and then shortly after that as I was hugging him, holding his head in my arms, he threw up a little bit and passed away, he became real stiff and violet for a few seconds and then there was a clear smile on his face which both me and my wife noticed. We kept trying to revive him, but nothing, ambulance arrived within about 15 minutes and then a bunch of other people, they kept trying to revive him, but nothing happened.

HE WAS AND IS MY BIGGEST HERO IN THIS WORLD. When we came to America in 1987 we had absolutely nothing, but since my father was a former political prisoner in USSR, and because he spoke English well, he was offered a job at a radio station, but was told that he would need to exaggerate his stories of his time, struggling in the Soviet Labor camps "to make it more interesting for the listeners". My father refused, instead, a week or so later taking a $7/hour job working with plaster. He died 27 years later on a dusty concrete cement floor, but at least in my arms, and with a smile. For me it contrasts with all the political pundits on the mass media who get paid to exaggerate their stories initiating conflicts and controversy, which leads to wars, from which they profit. My fathers creativity was in craftsmanship, and I will do my best to carry on his business and I will never become a politician! This I swear on my fathers honor.

MY PERSONAL LIFE STORIES WHICH MAY BE OF INTEREST And help the world understand why American government system is so unpopular and fearful of holding real elections which has an against vote option: INHERITANCE TAX - After the passing of my father I went to the bank to ask if the money from my fathers personal account could be used to pay/compensate for his cremation costs, which was $1,400 ($75 just for a container for ashes, which looks like something I could have bought for a dollar at a dollar store - that's called capitalism - I had no option, I had to pay because I know that even if I would lose everything and end up on the street, I want to be carrying those ashes as my last possession on this earth) The bank manager said I needed to go to the courthouse and be assigned as the administrator of the estate first. So I went to the court house and they simply gave me a copy of some executive order and said all I have to do is show this to the bank and they will release my fathers funds. But they also had their own bite of justice to inform me of: they said I have 90 days to pay the inheritance tax on our property - the property for which we worked all our lives, with our own hands, not even hired labor. I had to act like a gentleman in court, but in my heart I know these are not human beings and I know that vast majority of people in the world including Americans wholeheartedly agree with me. It contrasts greatly with the rule of a man such as Muammar Gaddafi, who was murdered by their thugs on the street following US/NATO bombing of Libya in an unannounced war - Muammar Gaddafi provided free health care, financial assistance to newlyweds, to mothers who had children, free education and so on. When he was beaten to death, I felt like they were murdering my father, and if we are to believe that Gaddafi was responsible for bombing of the passenger plane, then we should first take a close look at what happened to MH17 passenger air plane in Ukraine, why it was derailed and why no one in the so called world community asked why Ukrainian authorities failed to release air traffic control data which would explain why was that air plane derailed as it was flying over Ukraine, to instead fly off course over a war zone where just weeks and days before their own Military air planes have been shot down by those rebels flying as high as 21,000 feet! The world knows who the real terrorists are! (no, it's not Americans)

US JUSTICE SYSTEM: I disconnected my TV service when I closed my bar. about half a year later direct TV gave me a what they said was a "courtesy call" to remind me of my outstanding balance. I asked them "what balance? I called you 6 months ago, I disconnected the service", ... the lady said "I know, but it gets automatically reconnected after 3 months, you should have called us back"... and so for the next few years they kept calling me relentlessly, harassing me that I owe them $350, threatening me that my credit will be ruined, that I will be dreported/reported....at one point, their debt collector even started threatening me that he knows everything about me, that he has all my information, where I live and so on, after I got into a heated argument with him..... I told this story to my neighbor Bill the other day, a 78 year old man who sometimes visits the camp here from Pittsburgh. Bill looked at me in total disbelief and said "it's funny that you mention that, I had the exact same problem with them, I told them my house burned down, everything is gone, television's gone, furniture is gone, my clothes are gone, how can I have television service? they don't listen. it took me months to straighten it out with them."

In the late 1990s I was sued by Verizon, for not paying the advertisement bill in yellow pages. I was excited to go to court to explain that when the Verizon saleslady was discussing the bill with me, she never mentioned that this will be a monthly $300 bill, so, I was under the assumption that it is a one time fee. I was so enthusiastic to speak in front of the judge, holding in my hand documents proving my innocence. But when my turn came to speak, the judge asked me if I have a lawyer, I said no, I can speak for myself. she said no, you need a lawyer. she did not allow me to say anything, and I was found guilty right then and there. and I was forced to pay 24 times more then what I originally thought. supposedly I was not allowed to speak because me and my father are set up as a 2 people corporation, and as a corporation you are required to have a lawyer, but it does not matter to me, I will carry the conviction of my innocence to my grave, and that $5000 made Verizon rich and famous, and ordinary people like me, in debited as a nation. That is why I state that American people owe nothing to any tax collecting agency or corporation. we have all been swindled and victimized by this criminal industry, which has special priviledges, which can call us up at any time of day, or night, and harass us without any court procedure. And any politician or pundit on the establishment media who dares to say that American government is in debt, is a traitor to humanity - Just let them try to collect their debt from the new world government! Over the past several months, I have been asking Verizon repeatedly, to please stop charging me extra $10 a month, for some internet security feature, they neglect my request, and keep billing me for it. what can I do? what can we do?- Communications are essential to our economy and for our national security. but we now know that we people, our government, even the pentagon have been spied upon with computers preinfected with spywear; those private internet service providers did not take precautions to protect us, and our government from cyber attacks, which greatly damaged our economy - they don't care, they profit. They did not invent the internet, they stole it from the people!

HEALTH CARE... Special interests are directly responsible for high cost of health care, it has nothing to do with left or right as shown on TV circus, that is just a distraction as a way to control opposition: some of the most basic medicine that was invented a long time ago is now unavailable to the general public. for example, in 1990's when we were living in Philadelphia my father had an eye rash, all he needed was eye drops, he knew exactly what he needed, it was a simple thing. so he went to the pharmacy to buy eye drops, but he was told that he first needs to go to the doctor to get a prescription. So he went to the hospital, waited several hours for the doctor, the doctor then measured his heart beat, his pulse, some other things, made a big deal and then finally gave him a prescription. he then went back and paid $97 for a small bottle of eye drops that should not have cost any more then 50 cents, and then, he got a bill for the doctors visit in the mail, which was another $1,200! Ever since my father was afraid to step into the hospital, unless it was a complete emergency, but he could have used hospital visits for checkup. And I know that vast majority of Americans agree with me, but they will say that it's the fault of Americans for electing stupid politicians - no it is not!: there are no elections in America, civilization has been conditioned to this idea that a popularity contest is an election, where they publicize a few trusted friends on the mass media, get them to argue and insult each other and call them opposition - but if an against option would be added, then all their puppets would lose against any unknown candidate. When I went to vote last time in 2004, there was not even a write in option (I discuss this in a video speech)

TO THOSE WHO MISS MY FATHER. These are not mumblings of a grieving man, but a man who did lose the best friend on this planet. I am only using common sense and logic. There are 2 points that I want to shortly discuss: 1. My father was a great man and 2. memory can be backed up just like good stuff on a computer hard drive.

1. My father was a great man indeed - according to international bankers, a good man may be someone like Strauss Kahn; according to ignorant people, a good man may be someone like Obama or Bush, but according to God the creator, a good man is a person like my father. My father was not perfect, but he was a hard worker who created a business doing something productive and beautiful, without causing any destruction. He was obsessed from day one, for over a decade to study the events on 9:11 attacks on world trade centers - I would see him watching videos and reading about this every day, and for many years I was suspecting he is going insane to still be so preoccupied about something that happened so long ago. Since the first few days after the attacks, before anyone else, he began telling me that it was not planes that destroyed the steel reinforced concrete structure, and at first I was aggetated by such "lunatic" theories, but after a few years he had me convinced that other explosives must have been used, especially for the WTC7. And then his theories got even more crazy - he began to try to convince me that there were no planes at all, that it was a movie shown to the world, and the so called witnesses who claim to have seen the planes, lied for attention being in the area, - according to him rockets hit the building, not any planes. He aggetated me with this theory for many years, and I would never believe him after all his explanations, and he would end up angry and showting at me what an idiot I am not to understand (his explanation of evidence, with shadows etc. seemed too complex for me to understand) One time I remember he was sharing this theory with some people in the bar, and they got upset, and later that night came back and tore down our beautiful business sign that my father personally made for the bar. We both felt hurt - they actually attached a thick roap to their truck and drove off with it, we found it about a mile down the road with the rope, it was damaged and we never put it back on. I feel my father was and is a good man in a universe, and at least this world which includes at least a portion of not such good people.

2. One does not have to be religious, but only to use common sense to understand that a human being consists of two independent elements: body and soul - Body dies, soul is set free, as in a dream. This has always been my logic: a brain with its' memories is part of the body, so sadly those memories all die. I could never understand a smile on his face right after he died though, and couple of days ago I realized something - that just like we can back up valuable computer creations that are so complex, to another hard disk, our creator can just as easily back up valuable life, so that it can continue beyond the dream called life as we know on earth. My instinctive gut feeling about his smile when I saw it that day, was that he finally met the magician who created the game, and others who were out of it already and that they finally showed to him what a great man he had raised, because I never really revealed what is in my soul, and half or most of my soul is already with those people whom he just met again. Now that you are still reading, I will share with you what I was instructed to write by God - hey, we have to talk to someone when we get bored...