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THE REASONS FOR BOTH OF MY TRIPS TO LEBANON AND SYRIA WERE: 1. Self proclaimed Americans on US political forums kept telling me to “leave America if I don’t like it here” before I would be banned from these forums repeatedly over the years; and 2. Because in 2008, Obama promised to the American people on a CNN debate that during his first year in office he would meet with Syrian president Bashar Assad “to work things out, to bridge the gap”, (which would have been 2 years before the conflict there started in 2011) Obama lied, and I felt obligated to fulfill on the promises made to the people of the world, I felt like if anyone I need to take charge to represent the American people, because we cannot expect politicians to create peace, since to them it’s all fun and games paid for by working class people like me who pay taxes and fund their luxury trips and fancy dinners. My job is related to construction, I work with my own hands, and I stand by my statement that I ask to be "eliminated" if I ever begin to profit from politics, from speech making, from governing or selling my writings, because it is exactly those kinds of people who are causing conflicts in the first place, because they are like businesses looking after their business, it is in their interest to distinguish themselves instead of uniting humanity.”

UPON MY FIRST ENTRY TO BEIRUT, LEBANON, on September 10th 2014 I was held up at the airport for 6 hours, because according to authorities they could not contact my hotel. I was very patient and respective nonetheless, because I understood that there are a lot of westerners coming to this region to fight who give people like me a bad name; but after several hours and no action from them I began to wonder why could they not even question me? But then in the evening, after all the waiting, airport authorities managed to contact another hotel for me which was only $150/night: the water there was brown and salty, and they had no internet. The next day I went to hotel I had booked initially, it was only $50/night, it had free internet and water was nice and clean. this was where I stayed for both my trips. Aside from the airport waiting incident, as we all know, all over the world, ordinary people have to stand in long security check lines, and in some airports there are 5-7 of these lines just for one transfer to go from one airplane to another. But there are also special lines now for "trusted travelers" where they do not have to wait in line with the rest of the terrorist suspects - these lines are reserved for the likes of politicians and journalists! But is it the working class people who create these conflicts? NO! it's the politicians and journalists! And now they have special lines, special privileges over all of us, they can take special vacations and have special retirements. They are living in their political utopia! All at the expense of working class people. We only get equal treatment when we lose our temper and begin shouting, and then we are considered rude and arrogant, and so it seems like the whole world is full of arrogant people who deserve the politicians they elect, and the political big shots on TV look so humble and polite in comparison.

As I finally got out at the airport, and the taxi assistant approached me asking me where I want to go, I said I want to meet Hassan Nasrallah. Confused he just showed me to the taxi, and the taxi driver was just as confused, but after a while we stopped in a rugged part of the town where a man on a bike approached me and asked me to record a message for Nasrallah on his cell phone, then told me he will contact me in the morning. He never did, so the next morning I took a taxi back to that same part of the town and started asking to meet Hassan Nasrallah. A man who said he was a police officer (in plain clothes) explained to me that you do not meet Hassan Nasrallah that it's impossible, I explained to him that nothing is impossible, we started talking for a few hours, then he invited some friends, and after that he said there is a man who will take me to the number two of the Hezbollah. I got into a van which had all windows painted black and a curtain so that I could not see in front. it looked like a coffin inside. After some driving I came into their hideout, was thoroughly searched, and talked to the #2 of Hezbollah for about 2 hours. I explained to them that to win the war they need to use loudspeakers and that men with guns must only be used to guard the speakers, that I am willing to go to the front lines if they give me the loudspeaker and a translator and solve this problem once and for all. The #2 man of Hezbollah told me that he understands I have good intentions, but that I should go home. So for the record, if any political genius from Hezbollah will tell their people that Americans are bad, they should remember that I, a man from America was there offering my help to solve their conflict, but their leaders refused. And it's not that I am afraid of fighting - as a child I myself would fight all the time more than other kids in my schools, it's just that I believe that fighting with guns is very different and I do not see anything heroic about it.

Upon landing in Beirut Lebanon on November 18th 2014 (second trip) I took a taxi to Damascus, Syria, but was denied entry at Syrian border check point and told to go back to Syrian embassy in Beirut to get visa. Next morning I did just that, they told me it will take 10 days. In the mean time I decided to go try to talk to Hezbollah television station Manar. Next paragraph is the rough transcript of the speech I gave in the lobby of Hezbollah TV. I should note that given Hezbollah is considered a terrorist group by the USA, one would think it would seem quite beneficial for them to have an American come on their show to destroy American government with his speech, but ironically it was not in their interest, because my criticism went deeper than the boundaries of international political circus and a mere accusation of one side or one axis (e.g. Democrats blaming republicans, republicans blaming liberals for destruction of Christmas, gays for destruction of marriages, liberals blaming conservatives for destruction of economy etc.) I am sure that if I would have simply put all the blame on America or Israel, I would have been much more welcome on Hezbollah media, (likewise in America if I would just pick a side to blame)

MANAR TV STATION LOBBY: I came to Lebanon, because I have a plan, an idea how to put a stop to the war in this region and to embarrass international banker puppet regimes such as American government to the point where American people themselves will topple their despot government and elect real representatives that represent American people: for example, last Friday I was in Washington DC, I had to make a delivery, and I was stuck for 4 hours in traffic, driving 3 miles an hour. Millions of American people are going through this every day, this is how bad the infrastructure is in the so called capital of the free world, and yet American politicians do not seem to be concerned about that, they were busy talking about things such as “what to do about Bashar Assad in Syria, what to do about ISIS, what to do about Russian speaking population in Ukraine” etc. they are out of touch with American people, American government along with its’ allies is acting like it’s the police chief of the world, as if their own politicians are somehow favorite and preferred leaders of their own nations: this is a lie, a deception: I conducted polls on all kinds of political forums, where I would select a few of the most popular political giants on the mass media at the time, such as McCain, Hillary Clinton, Herman Cain, Mc Romney, Obama, and I would add one unknown candidate, I would call him Mr. Nobody. And I would put a for as well as against option next to each name, negative votes deducting from positive votes, it would be a multiple choice poll. And every single time, all of their popular political giants of the establishment media would end up losing to this Mr. nobody, they would end up way in the negative, it would be revealed that for everyone of their supporters there are 5 or 10 and sometimes 15 opponents to that political favorite of the mass media, which means that this self proclaimed independent media has been deceiving us with their popularity contest which they call democratic elections, where they select a few of their trusted friends, publicize them as candidates, get them to argue and insult each other on TV and call them “opposition”. Mr. Nobody would always come out ahead of all of their political giants!! And then I would get banned from those political forums, and my threads with polls would be deleted to hide this truth.

That is why I came here, as a last resort, to reveal a plan to liberate the world from this political circus: Since American government is acting like it’s the police chief of the world, let us hold a referendum for the international police chief starting right here in Syria, because no one elected Obama to be a police chief, he campaigned promising to stop the war, not to bomb Libya and Syria. And we shall put me as one of the candidates along with Obama and Abu Al Baghdadi and the FSA president from the UN, publicize this referendum well on Syrian national media and allow people to vote for or against each candidate.

– [Interruption from a heavy set kid: “Who are you, why should you be on the ballot?”] I continued: to stop the destruction of buildings and cities, a man is needed to stand up as a uniter who knows what it takes to build each building. I have been working in construction all my life, I carry sand and stone and breathe cement dust on a day to day basis, if not the cold weather in America, I would be working doing just that right now, I am that man; To stop the displacement of people which is caused by international bankers funding different terrorist groups and opposition movements with their unlimited money, a man is needed to stand up as a uniter who knows what it’s like to be a political refuge – I have been a political refuge as a child, I came to America as a political refuge from USSR, I remember what it was like for me when I was 8 to travel with my mother for thousands of miles, taking multiple trains to visit my father in Siberia, only to see my mother break down in tears after the visit was denied. I know what Syrian, Ukrainian and other refugees around the world are going through. I am that man. To stop the corruption of governments by money, a man is needed to stand up as a uniter who will never accept any money/donations. And I am that man who has always stated that I will never accept any money for my cause, because money turns governments into businesses, and businesses naturally compete, which creates wars for the people in the case of governments as businesses – you can run your local governments any way you like, but international elected authority is needed to liberate the world from international bankers.

– [Interruption from a heavy set kid: "What do you know about our politics, how can our people accept your ideas, you don't live here"] – I just talked to some people on the street not far from this building and they seemed very interested in my ideas, and your people also gladly accept my American dollars, in fact they seem to prefer dollars to your money, and some said they wish they could exchange their Lebanese passport to my American passport. You on the other hand I cannot figure out how you plan to defeat evil to which you often refer as Zionism - I cannot even get a consistent answer from your officials as to who is the enemy: Some of you say it's the Islamic State/Daj, others say America, others say Israel, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia or Turkey... it seems the whole world is your enemy, but I bet you if I was Obama or one of the international bankers, you would allow me to speak on TV right now. [station manager interruption: write down your number please, thank you, we will contact you, goodbye]

I felt that people who worked there were very impressed by my message, by the time manager came out there were about 10 of them eagerly listening to me speak. I felt devastated when the manager basically, in his politically correct way told me to go f myself. I then went to downtown Beirut, near the CNN/BBC/AP building, and as I began talking to one person, 2 minutes later there were about 50 people listening to me, nodding their heads in agreement, I spoke as the official representative for the Islamic State for about 30 minutes

ROUGH TRANSCRIPT OF MY SPEECH ON THE STREET IN DOWNTOWN BEIRUT: [video] "To justify bombing of Syria, international banker propaganda machine has been conducting a relentless campaign demonizing the Islamic State which they call ISIS or ISIL. I must point out that it was not IS (ISIS on TV) that funded FSA who are known to cut out hearts of soldiers and eat them on camera; it was international banker puppet Obama who openly funded FSA, whom they call “moderates”. And it was Obama who is friends with Saudi King who sent death row inmates to fight Syrian people. And when the international banker propaganda machine is showing you men, with masks on their faces, waving the Islamic flag, killing innocent civilians, acting like they are fighters for the Islamic state, we deny that these are our men: we condemn killing of innocent people, we do not judge America by all the police brutality videos that keep coming out every single day on internet – one day it’s American police beating up some old people, next day it’s American police shooting some unarmed teenager, next day it’s American police tasering some handicapped person in a wheel chair, next day there is sure to be yet another video of American police harassing or arresting some people just for videotaping them and so on. We understand that international bankers encourage violence to try to turn us against each other so that we do not turn on them, the real welfare class of politicians who control the media and live like kings at the expense of the working class. And yes they are attempting to hijack our movement IS by paying mercenaries to act like us, just like they hijacked tea party in America for example:

In 2007, a US congressman Ron Paul revived a tea party, with a clear intent to audit federal reserve (creation of international bankers) he drew much larger crowds than any so called conservative giant on the establishment media, McRomney or McCain – the mass media such as Fox News and MSNBC demonized this man, you can search on YouTube Ron Paul smear campaign, they called him a crank, nut case, isolationist, clinically insane, anti American and other ugly names…. But then, all of a sudden, on January 24th of 2012, on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, PBS, NBC, BBC, on all these so called independent giant news networks, ex fed Herman Cain was shown giving a tea party response to Obama’s state of the union address: who put him in charge? Who made Herman Cain a tea party spokesman? What made all this so called independent media so united in coming up with the new spokesman for the tea party? – THIS IS HIJACKING!

Look how they hijacked maidan in Ukraine – people began demonstrating against corrupt president, they did not back down. The next thing you know, international banker puppet president Obama invites a banker Yatsenyuk to the white house, before elections take place, to build him up, to help them win elections – transcripts even reveal international banker puppets posing as US officials deciding over telephone who the next leader of Ukraine should be. And when people in the eastern Ukraine decided that they will not fall for this new oligarch, and they decided that they will hold a referendum to separate from this puppet circus, the so called international community stood by as the new Kiev government not only carried out genocide against these people, but they even derailed a passenger air plane with 300 people on board as it was flying over Ukraine and sent it of course over a war zone where just recently several of their own military air planes have been shot down flying as high as 21,000 feet! And you should ask – how come no one in the so called international world community, none of their experts, investigators, reporters, journalists, no one even on Russian media questioned WHY did Ukrainian authorities failed to transfer air traffic control data, which would have explained WHY was that air plane derailed as it was flying over Ukraine to fly over a war zone??

The only logical explanation is that all these so called experts are a bunch of alcoholics and low lives who were put in suits, given careers and told what to do and how to act, or else they know that their careers will be over, they will lose their pensions, their nice homes, their children their scholarships, and they will end up as nobodies. Yes we are a big threat to the world’s political establishment which includes the media which pretends to be independent, but we are not a threat to the people in any part of the world. And yes we want to put a flag of Allah in the white house, but in English Allah is God, and that is exactly what most Americans want – they want god back in their country, god back in their schools, god back in their government, replacing political hypocrites who are paid and manipulated by international bankers. Do not trust these people on television: when IS entered Mosul, Iraqi army dropped their weapons and surrendered without a fight to our much smaller army: this can only happen when an overwhelming majority of the local population is on your side – when have you seen police surrender to a smaller group of thugs?"

A man stood right front of me and began interrupting me. A minute later I was arrested. I spent the night in Beirut jail. And although I was concerned after they put handcuffs on me and drove me around in their car that I may be killed, not knowing local rules, I have to say that once I spoke to these officers for a while at the police station, they were my absolute best friends, and as they explained to me “it’s just a standard procedure, it’s our law, we can not have you talking about ISIS, because there are intense negotiations under way to release some hostages”.

Understanding that we can not expect any career politicians to negotiate any sort of peace or release of any sort of hostages, other than through money, I decided to try to go to that region in Arsal, where hostages were supposed to have been. After I got to Baalbak, on the way to Arsal I met some Daj people (local name for what’s known in US as ISIS - two of them were in their 20’s or younger, and the driver about my age or older. All dark skin. I got into van with them, and we talked as much as we could understand each other, they were asking me what do I think about Abu Al Baghdadi, I explained that I didn’t find anything hateful in his speech and that I do not believe what they say about him in the media, they asked me what I think about Hezbollah, I explained that I like Hezbollah people and Hezbollah soldiers but that Hezbollah media is same exact thing as Fox News or CNN; they really liked to hear that - repeatedly shouting back to each other with excitement that I said “fuck you Manar (Hezbollah TV name)” I said most American people are good people, and I said that I want to make a speech on behalf of Islamic State which will help IS win hearts and minds of the English speaking population – they and I were very excited, but unfortunately just then our van got stopped by Hezbollah or Lebanese security forces, they immediately pointed for me to get out of the van, took me across the street, searched me, questioned me for a few minutes and released me, but the daj (ISIS) van was gone, and I never saw them again – kidnapped by Lebanese: 2. Kidnapped by ISIS: 0. People may say Lebanese saved my life, people keep saying “look at all the journalists ISIS is beheading” – All I say to that is Allah Akbar.

After Daj (ISIS) van was gone, I took another, Mercedes van, which took me directly to a police station. I explained to them that if they wanted to win, they must first know who they are fighting (because to them it wasn’t clear if it’s ISIS or ISIL, or Americans or FSA or Israel or Britain of Saudi Arabia), and the man explained to me that if I want to go to Arsal, I have to go with the military, which was just up the hill, I already met those guys back in September (2 months ago) when I first tried to go there, they knew me right away, anyway I was hoping to talk to them longer, they took a picture with me and told me to go back. I stopped back at the police station down the hill, they were not interested to talk to me, so I started talking to some people on the street, and again, after a while, like in downtown Beirut, the crowd grew quickly. It was a mixture of Muslim men and women as well as some standard Lebanese.

ROUGH TRANSCRIPT OF THE SPEECH BETWEEN BAALBAK AND ARSAL [video] Why did I come here? I decided to meet the members of the Islamic State back in August – my parents were separated, they were both political prisoners in USSR, I lived with my father and my wife in America and my mother lives in Denmark. My mother wanted to see me and my wife (she never met my wife) so I bought a couple of plane tickets for me and my wife to visit my mother in Denmark; and since I have a US passport, no problem, but because my wife is a "foreigner" she needed a visa from the Danish consulate. So we drove 7 hours one way for her visa interview in New York, got past the security, on the 18th floor, a friendly woman behind the bullet proof glass starts asking us all kinds of questions, demanding all kinds of documents. Then she asks me if I can write a letter of support for my wife? I politely replied “but I already showed you the marriage certificate, isn’t it obvious that I will support my wife?” and the woman shouted back at me “do you really need to argue?!” I said no, I will write. Then she wanted my bank statements. We didn’t have enough documents, so we left her passport and drove back home. Next day I emailed her back the letter of support, the bank statements, then she emailed me back that she needs travel insurance, so I purchased travel insurance, and then she emailed me back that the travel insurance is not good enough, and then again and again something was wrong, until I told her that “I just don’t know what it is you want” she emailed me back saying that if I cannot get the needed documents, she cannot get her visa Email Transcripts: 1 2 3 4

So I figured I will be with my mother for two weeks, and since me and my mother cannot talk politics, (last time I visited her in 2005, she actually threw me out because we got into a political argument, she is still a big American government supporter, even though she hasn’t lived in America since early 1990’s. We can only talk about garden and stuff, and only she is allowed to talk about politics, because she "just states the facts") I figured 2 weeks is a long time to be alone with her, so I decided to buy a round trip ticket for a week from Denmark to Beirut which is not that far. That is why I came here, to talk about politics, because as a working man, I could not get a visa for my wife, but someone like Strauss Khan, the international banker, the international monetary chief who held hands with George Bush, with Obama, with French president and other so called world leaders, could come to America, rape a maid, and when she complained he could get on a plane and fly back to his France without any problems !!! Of course later on they did a photo shoot with him in handcuffs to improve the image of the word's justice system, but what would have happened if the roles had been reversed? 

And so if you ask me, do I support Sharia laws or the international bankers, I have to say that I am sick and tired of international banker laws. And I can say with absolute confidence that I speak on behalf of 95% of the people of Denmark, America, Britain, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and other nations, when I say we are all tired of laws that benefit mostly international bankers! And if you think I am delusional with this 95% talk, we can hold a referendum and find out who is delusional, because anyone exposed on the mass media as a candidate will always win popularity contests which they call democratic elections. About Sharia law, I tried hard to look into Sharia laws, but it is easy to get confused if you are living in America: if you do a search on Google for Sharia law for example, you will see all kinds of propaganda and disinformation web sites come up in the search. So I am not an expert, but I can tell you this: If Sharia law as experts on CNN, FOX NEWS, MSNBC, PBS, BBC, NBC tell me is all about cutting off hands of the children who stole a piece of bread because they were hungry, then I am against this Sharia law, and I say God bless America for protecting me against such a law. And if Sharia law as FOX NEWS and MSNBC says is all about stoning women to death who have been raped by bad guys, then I have to tell you, you better hang on tight to those weapons, because I’m about to grab it and shoot you all to protect America against such a brutal law. (People laughing) But I am not so sure I can believe what the establishment media, which is controlled by money tells me.

Some may say that I do not fit in here, because I am not a Muslim, and I did not study Koran. In Soviet Union I also did not fit in, because I did not join the communist party, and in America I don't have many friends either, because I never belonged to any racist group, white community, black community, Hispanic, Christian, Jewish or Gay community, but if you yourself believe in Allah, then you know I fit in perfectly among you, because there is only one god... Obama, Bush, David Cameron or Tony Blair can get some plastic surgery or put on some heavy makeup, learn Arabic, learn Koran, come here and act as representatives of the Islamic community, and that is what they do. And if you recognize them you may laugh, but if you are hungry and if they are backed by big money and can provide you with food and other essentials, you will soon have no choice but to accept them as gods. We must all individually be connected to god directly through our hearts. And I am convinced that Islamic state is the exact same thing as one nation under god which is exactly what most Americans want... But international bankers want to keep us divided and at war with each other. I came here to tell you that Syrian people, Syrian military, Hezbollah military, Hezbollah people, American military, American people are not your enemies, and if there is someone here who likes to tell you that you have to fight your fellow Muslims, because they do not believe in Allah the right way, I challenge that person, one person only, to fight me one on one without a weapon, right here, right now as soon as I finish making this speech. It is very easy to put a bullet in my brain, and then convict me of being a spy, that is not a challenge... Few months ago, George Bush put out a video of an Ice bucket challenge, trying to be “cool with people” where his wife pours a bucket on water on him and then challenges others to do it, I posted a reply below the video “I challenge Bush to go visit Baghdad he liberated 11 years ago, outside the billion dollar fortified green zone that they built” – no response, challenge rejected.

When I landed in Beirut this past September, I began asking for Hezbollah members, to meet their leader Hassan Nasrallah. They kept telling me that it’s impossible, because there is a big price tag on his head. Hassan Nasrallah, Mossad, Assad, may have big price tags on their heads, but I can assure you that if I had a billion dollars to donate to their movements, Hassan Nasrallah would have gladly met me that same day. But I did not have billion dollars to donate; I only had instructions from God, Allah. And if I was Barack Obama, I can assure you that Bashar Assad would have met me right away, even though Obama supported rebels who KILL Assad's soldiers. Assad was even interviewed by Dennis Kucinich, a US congressman who on cameras criticized George Bush calling him a war criminal, but then off stage tried to shake Bush’s hand – they are all enemies only in front of cameras.

Men who dared to pick up weapons to fight for God, Allah, is what brought me here, because tanks and guns do not win wars, heart and vision wins wars: you, men with guns, are only needed to ensure that a man with a heart and vision gets a chance to speak on television, on radio, in front of the people – I was NOT allowed to speak freely in America, I was repeatedly banned from political forums, I had my dogs shot, I had my property vandalized for speaking out in America – only actors in the political industry are allowed to speak freely in America and their so called free world, it’s a deception! If you figure out the scam, you are limited to speaking freely to your friends, that’s it! I came here as a last resort to reach out to the world. And only the whole world can be liberated, because any one nation will be destroyed if it frees itself from the disease that is the international bankers, so forget your nationalism, and forget your religions, unite behind one god if you ever want to see a better world! And until the world is united, hang on to your weapons! (Hezbollah soldiers then brought me tea, and warned me that I would surely get killed by Daj (ISIS) if I cross over. I have heard this warning a thousand times already)

"Look at all the journalists they are beheading, they are animals" I said I don’t care about any beheaded journalists, they said “how can you not show sympathy for beheaded journalists?!” – I don’t care who’s feelings I hurt: when I as a former political refugee was not allowed to speak on CNN, Fox News, BBC, Manar TV etc. my feelings were also hurt, and my feelings were hurt every time some self proclaimed American who has been brainwashed by this media, tells me to leave America if I don’t like it here when I begin to criticize the establishment – it seems only they, politicians and journalists have the license to criticize their own establishment, and it is precisely they who are responsible for people like me not being able to to get my message out to save the nations of the world. If I have my freedom of speech, I say to those journalists stay home, find a job, you have done enough reporting they did not solve any problems, you have only been obscuring a message of a refugee who has decided to take a stand against the political industry, who are you to cry for America? I have been living in America, I have been beaten up by gangs, I had my car windows smashed, I was wrongly arrested and sent to jail when a drug addict tried to rob me – so I have the authority to cry for Americas problems, and I have the authority to cry for refugees in Syria because I myself have been a political refugee – Those journalists are only distracters…

“But look at them beheading humanitarian workers” – there is no better way for human traffickers to disguise themselves than by posing as humanitarian workers – they go around taking pictures of people, then see who can buy what fatherless child or a woman, who can use what worker in their factory, and help them relocate for an appropriate processing fee – all in the interest of those who create these conflicts, and then we have to listen to political experts complain about immigration problems, but those same political experts supported bombing of those nations which caused this humanitarian crisis in the first place: I talked to a few humanitarian workers in Beirut the first time I came to the middle east in September 2014, and when I began talking to them what causes all the displacement of people and creation of refugees all over the world, not just in Syria, but in Iraq, Libya, Serbia, Ukraine and other places – these so called humanitarian workers looked shocked and offended, they gave me that look like I am nuts, they seemed agitated when I began talking about cause and the solution to this problem – if humanitarian workers such as Angelica Jolica really cared about poor and displaced people, then they would try to understand the cause of it, and then when they get a chance to speak on TV, as they always do, they would tell the truth instead of being used as distracters to obscure message of people like me who actually WAS a political refugee myself. And if I have my freedom of speech, then leave me alone for saying I am happy to see them all out of the game or back in their mother land of America. Everybody seems to want to talk and represent the poor people; nobody seems to like to work to rebuild what has been destroyed. If I was allowed to enter the territory held by IS, they would have made me their spokesman and I would have brought peace, unfortunately peace is not in the interest of human traffickers and reporters, because conflicts and controversy is what keeps them busy.

WHEN I WAS IN SYRIAN EMBASSY IN BEIRUT, there would always be some UN members there to pick up their visas, and one time this UN woman kept complaining to another UN worker about the fact that there are no English signs on the window and how she was waiting for two hours. I also do not speak Arabic, but I am courteous enough to understand that I am on a foreign land and appreciative enough that at least there is one woman working there who speaks English, but these UN workers seem to think that they are very special and that everyone should be jumping around them.

ATTEMPT 2 TO ENTER SYRIA WITHOUT VISA – November 25th 2014. Got to Syrian border checkpoint, again, denied entry, kept talking to the officers, one of them explained that he likes everything I say but his hands are tied, I asked them to find me an officer whose hands are not tied, but no such officers were available at the scene, and they did not manage to call anyone from Damascus (which was right there) to come talk to me about my plan to help Syria end the war and embarrass US administration (which was my plan - I was 100% on the side of Syrian regime at the time). The head of security then told me that the reason I am having such a hard time getting permission to enter Syria is because of my US passport: if I had "any other passport, it would be no problem" - but when I would be waiting in Syrian embassy in Beirut, I would encounter UN humanitarian workers, some of whom spoke English without any accent, pick up their visas to enter Syria.

Then they got one security officer to help escort me out and towards Lebanese border. They let me out at the Lebanese border; traffic was huge, hundreds of poor people, dirty, hungry, tired kids shivering from cold and old human beings everywhere (they were trying to leave Syria), one old woman was very sick, some people helped her get inside, it was raining and the people were trying to take shelter in the store, blocking entrance for customers, and every once in a while Lebanese soldiers would hit a woman or a child with the back of the gun to make them move out of the way after the store owner would complain, I noticed a complete absence of young men and women among these refugees, I assume the UN "humanitarian workers" must have filtered them all out.

I stood among these refugees for about an hour thinking what to do, then started walking back towards the Syrian border, then I got off the road and into the mountains, then I heard a gunshot and raised my hands. A soldier began shouting at me gesturing for me to get back on the road, which I did, got into a taxi, hid my passport in my sock, explained (lied) at the checkpoint that "I was going from Damascus to Beirut but they didn’t let me in, because I lost my passport..."; There was shouting between taxi driver and officers and I was concerned that I will get beaten up when they will find out that I am lying, I felt bad for lying to taxi driver, but I knew my intentions were good. Their English was not good. They took my name, faxed it, the officer at a check point then got on a phone with someone, and a minute later started laughing (I knew I’m busted) – he asked me smiling “where is my passport”, I kept telling him somewhere between here and Lebanese border. Instead of beating me up, he showed me to another room where 3 men were eating a nice dinner with lots of good food on the table, they invited me in to eat with them; they talked English better. They were very friendly, but could not help me get to Damascus, because "a law is a law and I needed visa".

Then the other officer told me to take out my passport out of my sock (he saw it) and I just laughed and put it in my pocket. I drank what alcohol they had left, ate a little bit, then walked across the road to the main building, did some shouting at the so called Syrian authorities and went back to Beirut. I guess the best I can do is write a book about my adventures, it has become obvious that the puzzle of the so called world governments has been solved at least for me:

Evil dictatorship controls governments around the world, they destroy nation after nation, which helps them steal people’s businesses, turn women into sex slaves, young men into labor force, gives them an excuse to abandon the old and the useless, and they become nice generous billionaires who like to donate money for the good causes and be the role models in whose name highways, bridges and monuments are built. But my vision of a better world still burns inside my heart, and in my vision, all the billionaires, politicians on television and criminals will be put to work rebuilding what they have destroyed with their governing, and the people will begin to work for their own communities instead of for some billionaires, and the old people will be able to take a cruise ship after cruise ship, vacation after vacation instead of dying bankrupt as most do, even in America, because that was the vision of my father, and all the ignorant people such as my mother who are confused when I state such a possibility, they will be left in shame as they will be proven wrong.

On November 26th, 2014, I entered Hezbollah TV station Manar for the second time. When they saw me, they looked at me the same way a bunch of drug dealers on the street corner would look at an approaching police car.

BELOW ARE SOME OF THE THINGS I WANTED TO SAY ON HEZBOLLAH TV MANAR (And especially on Syrian national TV, assuming that since "they were not controlled by Zionists" as in America, they would let me speak)
[The next paragraph I only wanted to say at that moment to Manar TV crew, because they rejected me; my temper is usually not that bad]
Your television station may have a lot of political experts lined up to give their opinions, and if Obama would show up here to speak, you would gladly have him on your show, and you would gladly have Benjamin Netanyahu on the show, and Abu Al Baghdadi, if not arrested, you would gladly share his message on your program, and so you would gladly find time for the president of FSA from the UN on your show, and the Saudi King and all other political actors. All of your political giants and celebrities have their opinions, and they have been giving their opinions for decades, and their opinions never solved any problems in your region – If you care about finding a political solution, you must stand down and allow for a man who has been working the actual job rebuilding what your propaganda propelled wars have destroyed in this region, stand down and let me talk:

FIGHTING AGAINST WHOLE WORLD! It may seem as though Syria is fighting against the whole world: against America, against Islamic extremists/Islamic state, against France, against Al Nusra, against Germany against FSA, against Saudi Arabia and Israel, but the enemy is ONE: international bankers who pay and manipulate all these puppet regimes and opposition groups having unlimited supply of money, And their victim is not just Syria - Lithuania, a tiny country where I was born and grew up is also a victim to these international bankers today, (where pedophiles in government get away with murder while people suffer), and before that it was a victim to communists, but communism was a creation of international bankers - Their historians may claim that Joseph Stalin was a maverick like John McCain, that Stalin robbed banks to fund his movement, but their communist revolution happened just four years after federal reserve was enacted in America during Christmas Holidays, it was BACKED by international bankers, just like Kiev junta recently, and there is no need to rob banks when you are funded by them, so it’s a deception. And America, a country where I have been living since 1987 is also a victim to these international bankers: more than half of American people die bankrupt, they are just not shown on television so much, they prefer to show ball players and celebrities who make millions. Speaking on behalf of the American people I say to you that we all have common enemy - international bankers, the true welfare class of billionaires who control the media, who control the opposition by leading it, whose intent is to keep us divided and fighting against each other so that we do not notice their schemes and turn on them. For example Islamic State, or ISIS, or ISIL, or as you call here Daj, who have been fighting and killing your soldiers is not your enemy but only a TOOL of international bankers, And tools can change hands very quickly. If I can get to talk to them, I can easily get IS and FSA to switch over to your side, but this disease can only be eliminated from the whole world, because eliminating it in just one region is like liberating an arm from a deadly virus and leaving the rest of the body untreated - how long before the virus streams back into the arm? Especially today: you can round up your corrupt politicians, ship them out to Kamchatka, they will regroup and send new ones on the next flight tomorrow morning, they will not need a camel or a sail boat. And if they are unsuccessful to corrupt you, they will destroy you. But do not fear American military, military is just a tool.

TO SYRIAN MEDIA - In 2008 Obama promised to the American people on a CNN debate that if elected, during his first year as president he would meet with Bashar Assad to work things out. Obama broke that promise to the American people, Not only that, but instead Obama met with Saudi Arabian King Abdullah who sent death row inmates to fight Syrian people, instead Barak Obama funded FSA, Syrian opposition whom they call moderates, who are known to cut out hearts of soldiers and eat them on camera. These are all documented facts. Obama, like Bush is only a representative of American people on TV, not in real life. If you conduct a poll, you will find out that for every American supporting Obama, there are about 15 Americans opposing Obama, and similar was the case with George Bush. And you may ask, but how come Obama got re elected? – if you put a murderer and a rapist on a ballot, and get people desperate enough to vote, and there is no against vote option, then the rapist will win in the end, all they have to do is divide the opposition and claim the voters were stupid.

If Obama would have kept his promise he made to the American people back in 2008 to meet Assad by 2009, then this conflict in Syria, which has started in 2011 and has caused displacement of millions of refugees would have never happened... I came to America in 1987 as a political refugee from Soviet Union, I know the pain that comes with being a political refugee, and it is obvious to me that the so called leaders of the so called international community do not.

I represent the American people, not Obama not Bush, and I should point out that when I first put out a video on YouTube making this exact statement on November 25th of 2014, suggesting that we should hold a referendum to see who is delusional about being the representative of the American people, just 8 days later my two dogs were shot right near my house as they were walking with my father (see my bio)... And so I lost all hope in American freedom of speech, I came here to Syria as a last resort to reach out to the people of the world.

And so the only way to find out who is delusional about being the official representative of the American people, Israeli people, Ukrainian people, Iraqi people or any other people, is to hold a referendum with a for and against option, because we all know that we can not trust the media when they claim that Obama or Bush is the American president, or John Kerry is the peace creator, or that McDonalds make the best burger, or that Bud Weiser makes the best beer - it is only their opinion, and their opinion is very united, because they are all dependent on the same dollar, same money, which is like a god to them. it unites them like dog food unites the dogs.

As the author of the new world government, I also represent the Islamic State. We must understand that there are TWO Islamic states - The original one which was created to fight invaders, and the hijacked version of masked men (whose skin often appears whiter than that of an average Muslim, who sometimes even forget to take off their jewelry, which is forbidden in Islam)

HYPOCRISY: In America I have a beautiful place, a beautiful garden, with all kinds of plants. Things I never had when I lived in Soviet Union. And I appreciate all I have. But unlike what many people were led to believe, I have worked for all those things, government did not give anything to me. And I have to pay property tax and other taxes every year, or else I will lose my property and everything I worked for all my life...And that is what happens to more than half of Americans - about 85% of them die bankrupt, in debt - all most of them have is their monthly government check, welfare check, or mental disability or veterans check, and a constant fear that if the government system collapses, they will lose it all, they will be done. I believe that every person in the world who is willing to work, deserves what I have today and more. And it is in my interest as a working man, that you have what I have, poverty of other people anywhere in the world is not in my interest, because being poor, you will compete with me for a job, you will be willing to work for much less, and I will lose my job to you, and you may come to steal from me.... But our poverty IS in the interest of the political industry, the super rich who profit from the misery of others, who control the media and corrupt politicians. THIS group of people profits whether we pay our rent to the land owner, or whether we pay our property tax for the land we already own. But how do they obtain the ownership of all the land? we have to look at the big picture, it is a very well organized scam, by a very well organized international criminal industry: They create devastation as they have now created in Syria, (as they have created before in America, and other parts of the world, like a gardener who plows his fields) this way they will be able to buy your land very cheap, and they will not be the ones who will be doing all the hard work to rebuild it, they will hire those of us who are young... So before you blame Bashar Assad for all the corruption, you must understand that Bashar Assad is not the one who created the devastation in Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Russia, Germany... nor the Islamic extremists - it is the international political industry that already controls America and other so called free nations. Nations whose leadership has ganged up on Bashar Assad before escalation of this crisis even began, but to me it is obvious that for any meaningful solution, the regimes of the aggressors, which are all indebted to international bankers, the true welfare class of billionaires, which act under the blanket of bringing democracy and freedom to the rest of the world, they themselves must be replaced FIRST, BEFORE Bashar Assad.

But an even more important question is, WHO SHOULD THESE NATIONS FALL TO? Another dictator? Another billionaire? some religious leader? Abu Al Baghdadi? NO! they must fall to the people! How can our nations fall to the people? They will fall to the people by replacing the popularity contests which are being presented to us today around the world as democratic elections, with real elections, in which people can vote not only for but also against politicians, because other way of course those who are publicized the most on the controlled mass media will keep winning, because no one can vote against them. Some religious leaders may say "the nations must fall to god" I agree, how can nations fall to god? what is god? god is a spirit that unites humanity, and how can people be free to worship god, when they are oppressed by the second god, the fraud god, the money god? let us not be fooled by anyone.

AUTHOR'S MESSAGE TO THE ISLAMIC STATE: I tried to search about Sharia law on Google, and only got confused. But if Sharia law as the experts on CNN, Fox News, BBC, MSNBC, PBS and BBC claim is all about beheading children who stole a piece of bread because they were hungry, then I say “god bless America for protecting me against such a brutal law!”. And if Sharia law, as experts on CNN, and Fox News and MSNBC and other so called independent networks claim is all about stoning to death women who have been raped by some bad guys, then I say hang onto your weapons, because I am about to grab it and shoot you all to protect America from such a brutal law… But I am not sure I can trust any of these so called independent networks.

We must not allow international bankers to hijack Sharia law to be used against Islam with intent to continue degrading humanity: Can we make baboons cover up their ugly butts? No! Can we or do we need to eradicate baboons or force human ways on to them? NO! but we are obligated to ensure that baboons do not remain in power corrupting humanity. For example when IB puppet such as American president Bill Clinton, an old married man who was caught having sexual relationship with a teenage intern, and lied about it, and was allowed to remain as the leader of the world, as a role model - we do not need to tolerate this, But Humanity does not breed ignorance, it is the most intelligent life form on this planet! the system breeds ignorance: when humanity has been stripped of its national and natural resources, as it has been in America and many other nations, then naturally it becomes degenerate, degraded, resorting to stealing from each other and cutting each other's throats just to survive, to pay the bills - people begin to make babies just to get government benefits, not because of love, old married women begin to take off their clothes for money - I had this happening in my bar before I closed it, a 50 year old bar tender who showed her breasts for tips, and I say god bless this woman, she was just trying to make money to survive. But how many parents would want to see their daughters become prostitutes or their sons to become drug dealers? NONE! - Sharia Law is a natural way of life, it does not need to be enforced or used as a scare tactic against Islam with intent to continue corrupting and degrading humanity with their anti Islamic ways. What is needed from the brave Islamic fighters is to help liberate humanity from international bankers who profit from degraded and divided people.

REPORT A CRIME - When I was a kid in school, in America, a teacher once taught us that if we see someone committing a crime, we are OBLIGATED to do something about it, or to call for help. For the last nearly 20 years I have been seeing a crime after crime committed by the governments of the world, particularly those governments who happen to be in debt to international bankers. And I have noticed how the establishment media where people are paid, where people have careers to criticize the government, have systematically and deliberately failed to offer any meaningful solution, and it is being used as a distracter as crimes against humanity are being carried out world wide. We can conclude it is because establishment media is a part of the crime, part of the mob, part of the criminal industry. So I came to Lebanon and Syria in hopes that with all the instability here, perhaps the control of the media may be loosened up, not so tight, and that perhaps I would have a chance to get through.

IF SOMETHING SHALL HAPPEN TO ME - It is my wish that neither Americans nor Islamic extremists be blamed - I always got along with American people, Muslim people, Jewish people. If something shall happen to me, I want the world to understand that the sole responsibility lies with international bankers who control the mass media: THEY are the ones who disinform society, which then become like TOOLS at their disposal - you can not blame the tools, you do not blame the guns, you blame the people who use them, and those people are international bankers and not any brainwashed American who shot my dogs, or any masked Muslim extremist who may have beheaded someone. My second wish is that my detailed plan for replacing world dictatorship through holding referendums be enacted. Instead of Me, it can be any decent human being who has worked all his life for a living and believes in god more than he believes in money, any such person is fit to take my place as the world leader.

SO HOW ARE WE GOING TO LIBERATE AMERICA - Some may be confused "how can you liberate a nation with the most powerful military on earth?" - you liberate it politically not militarily - military is just a tool: if one president will tell military to go liberate Serbia and Somalia it will go to Serbia and Somalia, if the next president will tell it to go liberate Iraq and Afghanistan it will go to Iraq and Afghanistan, if the next president will tell it to bomb Libya and Syria, it will bomb Libya and Syria. And when the good American people will be able to elect a human being for a president, and this human being president will advise other nations to get rid of international bankers which have been corrupting humanity for the last 100 years, then no nation on earth will dare to stand up against this human being and his military! The plan (referendum) Islamic State will collaborate with the Syrian officials in monitoring these elections. to ensure that the votes are not tampered with. Then we are going to do the same in Iraq, in Lebanon, in Gaza, in Afghanistan, in eastern Ukraine. And this will start a spark which the international banker controlled media will no longer be able to ignore or else become completely irrelevant. And then we will demand to hold this referendum in America. And I again will be on a ballot, as a volunteer representative of the American people, not to be confused with career politicians - And you will see how the American people will vote.

FORGIVE ME FOR NOT SPEAKING ARABIC, but English is not my first language, Lithuanian is my first language, but since it was occupied by Russian speaking Communists, I also had to learn to speak Russian, and then because I wanted to come to America to see American freedom, I had to learn English. I came here even though I do not speak Arabic, because I have something to say. 

MISFIT - Some may say that I do not fit in here, because I am not a Muslim, and I did not study Koran. In Soviet Union I also did not fit in, because I did not join the communist party, and in America I don't have many friends either, because I never belonged to any racist group, white community, black community, Hispanic, Christian, Jewish or Gay community, but if you yourself believe in Allah, then you know I fit in perfectly among you... Obama, Bush, David Cameron or Tony Blair can get some plastic surgery or put on some heavy makeup, learn Arabic, learn Koran, come here and act as representatives of the Islamic community, and that is what they do. And if you recognize them you may laugh, but if you are hungry and if they are backed by big money and can provide you with food and other essentials, you will soon have no choice but to accept them as gods. We must all individually be connected to god directly through our hearts

WHAT NEW WORLD GOVERNMENT MEANS TO THE PEOPLE We can never agree on everything, but we can all agree that our politicians, who make promises to get elected, can almost never keep those promises. I am about to make some big promises, and before you ask me where will I get money to keep those promises, ask them how they got trillions of dollars to spend on wars and on nation building in places such as the middle east, where the biggest profiteers seem to be international bankers and those associated with them such as the media which gets to report on the news. I am making my promises to you as a working man, who works with my own hands, who has never sat on welfare, who never has and never will profit from politics: * Every person on earth over the age of 50 shall receive a modest retirement and needed health care - care will be affordable with elimination of middlemen such as pharmaceutical industry, which for example can turn a sale of 50 cent eye drops into a $1300 robbery, by adding a requirement of prescription by a doctor and a hospital visit in order to be allowed to buy a bottle of those eye drops. It is the old people who worked all kinds of odd jobs throughout their lives in order to create the world in which we are living in. * Internet access will be free, and communities will be able to decide locally how to service their lines, without any corporation tax added. [Internet was invented by people, by tax payers, not by Verizon or Direct TV, who now harass us and shut off the service if we don't pay the bill on time) Internet will be divided into several major categories such as education, jobs, business, gaming and entertainment. * Members of households on public assistance will have their internet access limited to education and jobs. No gaming, no entertainment, no media brainwashing. * Local communities shall have the authority and an obligation to ensure that abandoned buildings are restored, unemployed drunkards and drug addicts are put to work and neighborhoods are cleaned, before welfare is given out. I lived in North Philadelphia under Clinton and Bush and the neighborhood looked like a thrash can, while locals kept receiving government hand outs without having to work for it, to clean up the mess. * Nuisance such as drug addicts who are causing problems shall be rounded up by local elected community members, and shipped off to labor camps or rehabilitation islands where no access to drugs or alcohol will be available. (Parents of kids under 21 will also have the authority to send their children to those islands) * All elections shall have a for as well as against option for each candidate: Negative votes deduct from positive votes. * Power to issue money shall never leave the hands of the people through their elected representatives * No government official shall retire with a bigger pension than the lowest citizen in the society * No government official shall live behind a gated community * No person, no matter what their crime shall be executed by public servants: instead criminals will be placed in appropriate labor camps and be put to work. Some Americans and people from other wealthy nations may be afraid that "if we liberate the rest of the world from the oppression of IB, then there will be no more Mexicans and illegal immigrants to pick our fruits and vegetables for us; there will be no child slave labor working in Chinese sweat shops making all our cheap stuff that we buy at Wal-Mart..." you shouldn't worry about these kinds of problems - I would be happy to earn my living picking fruits and vegetables for you if wages were livable, and so would my wife - we can put the whole welfare class to work instead of having them walking around the cities with their pants falling down, selling drugs to kids, stealing, pimping and causing other problems. And technology would still be here, and it would only improve more, it was not invented by international bankers and their political industry which likes to take credit for everything that is good.

WELFARE CLASS - There is a general understanding that democratic societies are divided into two major categories of people: people who work hard and keep struggling, seeing their paycheck melt away before they even manage to buy what they need or take that vacation they deserve, and the people who are on government assistance, government handouts, on welfare. With today's technologically advanced world, a person should be able to work 5-10 hours a week to support himself and his family. But for people on welfare, from America to Denmark to Britain, it often makes no sense to get back to work and lose their government pension - it's about the same thing: When I lived in North Philadelphia on Front street from 1995-2008, the neighborhood was literally a thrash can, under both a democrat and republican presidents - people would receive welfare without having to clean up the mess, clean up the streets. And while the experts on the establishment media have been feeding society their theories blaming one side or the other for this problem, I would like to point to the category of people who PROFIT from such a system of wealth redistribution - BILLIONAIRES who control both the left and the right side of the circus! they are the true welfare class who create another welfare class to hide behind.

And we cannot eliminate this welfare class by voting for the right side when the right side is a part of the same scam, because it will only encourage the other half to vote for the left side. Both sides of society have to snap out of the illusions created by the controlled establishment media which likes to present itself as independent! For Christian conservatives, the answer is even in the bible: "take a closer look at yourself before judging others". As a working man, speaking on behalf of the poor people on welfare I state that most of them would love to see a real political change as well, and they would not mind working for their living as long as they don't become slaves to the system or some gentlemen billionaires.

GLOBAL POLITICAL INDUSTRY AGAINST HUMANITY – Who is the enemy of humanity? Some say it’s the free masons, or carpenters or plumbers, if you move to the middle east, there are all kinds of groups such as ISIS locally known here today as Daj, which might as well be Toyota or Mercedes, if you go to America it’s usually the liberals or conservatives, sometimes gays, Jews or Islamo Fascists. In Syria they are now fighting war they do not know against whom – I asked Syrian officials, they could not answer, they themselves get confused and they admired me for pointing this out. Many around the world say it’s the Jews “they own the banks and control the media” – I simply refer to them as criminals – this way it denies them the opportunity to label me as anti gay, socialist, communist, imperialist, anti Semite and other ugly names. CRIMINALS ARE THOSE WHO LIE AND DECEIVE! – I left Soviet Union with my parents and came to America for freedom, in particular freedom of speech. My story reveals how after this freedom has been denied to me in America, I went to the middle east and found out that even the radical groups such as Hezbollah are controlled by the same exact criminal industry as left/right wing groups in America and communism in USSR.

On my second time inside the building of Hezbollah TV station Manar in Beirut on November 26th 2014, they tried to argue that Obama is “my” president, when reality is that Obama is a president only on television, on the streets in America 9 out of 10 people are against him, and therefore Obama is their president - it is not I who would ever talk or interview Obama, it is they, the media, and it is not I who accepts dollars for political propaganda, it is they, the media. This political industry always confuses us with themselves – they may all be independent like rock bands, but they are all dependent on the same dollar, and they may blame America for the evil, but they are too ignorant to realize that it is not the American people who control this dollar, that since the Christmas holidays of 1913 it has been a private company named Federal Reserve which has nothing to do with America – but intelligence is not in any of their interest, because they are paid to deceive and misinform.

And just like in America, conflicts and controversy is in their interest: when I first went into that TV station, it was the day after 5 Jewish civilians were killed in Israel by Palestinian bombs; And I remember the evening before, I was in my hotel as I heard what I thought were gun shots, I looked outside and it was fireworks. I thought for a second “what are they celebrating” then realized it must be the killing of the Jews, and I was anticipating to make a statement on behalf of Hezbollah the next day on their Manar TV: “We condemn celebrations for the loss of any human beings, Jews or Palestinians. We shall only celebrate when Jews and Palestinians get rid of their political industry and live in peace.” – There was only one problem – like the left/right wing media in USA, Hezbollah TV station Manar is a part of that same political industry, for them such a story does not fit into the program, it’s like for a rap station to play a country song;

And the so called leader of the so called terrorist organization (according to experts on US media) Hassan Nasrallah, even went to school for that – yes, there are actually schools where they train these actors and journalists. And as radical and as anti American as they claim they are, I am willing to bet my house that they would gladly meet and interview Obama if they had the opportunity, although the man in the lobby exclaimed “no way” – I do not believe them, because for example there was another big anti American named Kim Jong Un in North Korea, but then his friend Dennis Rodman came out on the mass media and said something like “Oh, Kim Jong Un is a very nice guy, he just wants to talk to Obama, Obama should call him”. And there was another big critic of the establishment, a US congressman Dennis Kucinich who was on stage as a presidential candidate in front of cameras calling Bush a war criminal, but was later observed off stage, in the crowd trying to reach out and shake hands with Bush.

THESE ACTORS ARE PAID TO CREATE A CIRCUS!  – just like in that movie “unstoppable”, where a fat guy gets off the train and then cannot get back on to stop it, and so they chase that train around for two hours, cars smashing, children screaming, experts shouting, when all they had to do was land a guy with a helicopter and step on the break. The question is whether we as humanity want to continue watching this movie or do we care enough about justice to put an end to this circus? And if we have enough faith in god to care about the injustice it creates, then we should remember several things: 1 – anyone, any organization that needs donations to stop this train is attempting to play the same exact game and should be immediately dismissed as part of the circus; 2. Only one man can unite, two or more can only create division; 3. Anyone can speak out against the establishment, it does not mean they are not part of the establishment themselves.

IMPORTANCE TO IDENTIFY THE REAL ENEMY RATHER THAN THE TOOL – If we cannot identify the root of the enemy, we are like investigators who just blame the gun for the mass murder and close the case.

My conclusion is that when it comes to identifying the culprit behind all the violence, most people in the Middle East are just as ignorant as most people in America: in America they blame Russia and Iran, here in Beirut they blame America and Israel. Some think they are smarter than others because they studied the facts and they know that the enemies are Secret Masons. At least thank god the good people in Hezbollah controlled region greatly respected my American dollar even if they don’t respect America, otherwise I would have been unable to get around. One comedian actually told me “aha! There’s your proof that America is the culprit, because it’s all about making American dollar the global currency!” So I paid him in Lebanese lira and he didn’t even flinch (both currencies here are equally accepted). Most Americans I talk to told me that most American voters are idiots, but I have always wondered if the political experts who call voters idiots offer no solution other than criticism, how are they better than dogs who keep barking? For example when my dogs bark at night, I understand there is something in the woods, but when they themselves cannot point to the exact location, what good does their barking do? Yes, they are intelligent to at least understand that somewhere out there is danger, but if they are not intelligent enough to be quiet and let the bear approach closer so that I can see it, then their barking is useless.

If we for example blame the US soldiers for being ignorant not to understand that they are fighting to protect those who rape their nation, then it’s like blaming kids for believing in Satan Claus: there is a reason why young men around the world are best fit to be soldiers, and when fighting in our modern world is carried out by technological weapons rather than waving swords, age should not really matter that much.

To find the real culprit we must question the welfare class, because how can it be that some people are getting all the freebies while others struggle to survive? No, not the welfare class that is shown on the mass media - the fat baboons looting stores and pimping women – these are just a hybrid of humanity that have been taken away from their land and specially raised by MTV and movies, raised to be used as distracters, a buffer for the REAL welfare class of billionaires who live on private islands, bypass traffic by getting around in their helicopters, have private jets and literally hundreds of slaves whom they call free masons, plumbers, carpenters and hookers. We must question, did these people invent the prosperity we have today to earn such wealth? And am I really a communist for asking such questions? Did they invent internet? Are they more closely connected to god than me? Are they in fact gods? An instant answer to me is that they are a disease to humanity, nothing more – And sometimes what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, but only if we fight back – they have no mercy for any of our nations, in fact they are the ones who created the nations, who created UN, ISIS and so on: take away my soul, give me a billion dollars and in a week I will have for you any sort of terrorist organization you want, anywhere in the world, including America if they so decide – ordinary people do not have money to fund terrorism, nor the will to risk their lives in the desert for Allah. But the media around the world calls them Islamic extremists, it has been ironed into our heads that it has to do with Islam, and the 72 virgins, mentioned somewhere, even if it’s not in the Koran, but perhaps taken from Talmud.

November 31st 2014. Someone just attempted to rob me with a knife one block from my hotel. Interestingly the two previous times someone tried to rob me in Philadelphia, PA, USA in 1995 and in 2000, both times it was also a block away from my house. This time a bike with two people approached me and started saying something, I thought they were asking for directions, I said sorry I don’t speak Arabic, then one of them got off and stood right in front of me, for a second I thought he was a policeman trying to apprehend me when I saw a knife in his hand and I immediately placed my hand in front of the knife and ran as fast as I could for about 20 feet only until I saw that he was not chasing me at all. It was an unprofessional attempt, if I didn’t see a knife I never would have guessed, but when I saw a knife it did get my heart beating! People at the hotel said they must have been Syrians, but it does not matter to me, I blame Obama’s puppet masters – the police chief of the world that was never elected.

TYING HUMANITARIAN WORKERS TO TERRORISM – This is not intended to offend anyone who dedicates their time to help others, but there needs to be a logical explanation for why would a “despot Syrian regime which does not care about its’ people” (this according to UN) have its’ Syrian embassy in Beirut issue visas to UN humanitarian workers to go to Damascus, while denying visa to a person who came with a clear stated goal to help them embarrass US government?? – This is not logical, because Syrian government must clearly hate US government, and what a better opportunity than to have a working class American on their side? Logically this is only possible if the Syrian embassy is no longer controlled by Syrian government, but has been hijacked. And so I searched on internet for Syrian government web sites and found out that Obama has passed an order that prohibits anyone from hosting Syrian government web sites.