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WHAT IS OUR PLAN AND PURPOSE? - Our current goal is to win 2016 U.S. Popularity Contest for senate, congress and president (We have already won the elections) Candidates that showcase on the establishment media are money candidates: on television and on internet their popularity is soaring, because with money they can manipulate what we see there, while on the streets no more than 1% of American people are displaying banners, stickers, or any sort of signs in support for these front runner candidates. There are tens of millions of political experts in America, complaining about the masses of ignorant, yet offering no solution of any kind. This web site is the solution for the people.

Our country is too corrupt for a president alone to fix, because senate and congress will work against him. Our country can only be liberated if president has all of the senate and congress fully behind him. Political educators will call such a man a dictator, but we must ask just how independent are they themselves, when they are all dependent on money? - They keep lecturing us about corrupt politicians, and yet they fail to join together with, or to even mention which advocates that people should be able to vote against politicians! So who is power hungry? it is not us!


*** FEDERAL RESERVE, which was enacted during Christmas Holidays in 1913, when most lawmakers were out on vacation, will be replaced with a act where any time the voters will decide that new money needs to be introduced into the system, it will be automatically and equally credited directly into each legal citizen's account, rather than through some special interests who are in the business of bribing and sucking up to the government;

*** LIVING WAGE: A family without government assistance would usually starve on $10 a day in America, while it would thrive in some other countries. This is a result of global scam which only benefits the super rich who can relocate their businesses accordingly. While some politicians will promise people to dictate how much these businesses have to pay you, only promises that it will take care of the problem by liberating people from stranglehold of corporations:

*** SERVICE FEES: Communities will be able to decide locally how to service their internet, television and telephone services, without any corporation tax added, which they like to call "service fees"

*** TAX: People earning less than $25,000 will owe no income tax. No death tax. 50% import tax for businesses who import goods from other nations.

*** HEALTH CARE AND RETIREMENT BENEFITS: Equal for the poor as for the top politicians.

*** IMMIGRATION: In our modern world, where we can travel to the opposite side of the earth in a matter of hours, and can communicate with each other instantly over the internet, borders benefit only the super rich and those with political connections, who will always find ways to ship drugs, illegals and other goods for profit. To discourage illegal immigration, America will 1. Seize to exist as a welfare state and 2. Any undocumented immigrants who cannot find jobs will be placed in military training camps to be sent to liberate nations from which they came from. Any illegal immigrants who commit crimes in America, will be placed into labor camps to build homes for America's poor and disabled, then sent back to fight for liberation of their home countries. Immigration process should be as simple for the ordinary people without criminal records, as it is for kings and other political big shots.

*** EDUCATION: those who do good in high school, get a free higher education.

*** CREATE JOBS BUILDING AN AUTOMATED HIGHWAY SYSTEM: Eliminate all tolls which cause traffic. Strict punishment for aggressive drivers. Require dash cams.

*** ENVIRONMENT: Solar energy and other alternative energy sources are real, and have not been further advanced only because the elites who control our governments today are fine with idea of us being dependent on their energy sources. When someone like Obama gives a green corporation hundreds of millions of dollars, and the next week it goes bankrupt, it does not mean that green energy is a failure, it simply means that we cannot trust politicians showcasing on the elite controlled establishment media.

*** GUNS: People who have no criminal records or mental problems, should be able to own guns, not just for hunting, but for protection.

*** ALL ELECTIONS will be required to have not only "for", but also "against" vote, with negative votes deducting from for votes, so that publicity bought with money will become obsolete.

*** PRIVATE PRISONS WILL BE ABOLISHED and made to be completely self sustained by prison labor.

*** RACIAL JUSTICE: Career politicians, reverends and law enforcement agents who advocate any type of racism will all be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. My personal life story is proof enough that I will not take racism lightly.

Because the people are the solution, not the politicians - To get rid of politicians, people must be able to vote against the politicians: No such option is available in today's so called democracies, and no such option is advocated by any self proclaimed anti establishment groups. This is at the core belief of the as you will see throughout this web site. Money is not the solution to end the corruption, but people sharing the message without being bribed or paid is the solution. The problem are not the local governments, but the international criminal gang which corrupts our governments, and every time one such nation takes a stand alone against this criminal gang, it ends up in ruins: recent examples include Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Syria. There is one world, and there shall be one world government for the sole purpose of protecting the power of the local governments world wide. If is not the right name, then the people must vote to elect a movement with a better name. Popular movements and politicians which were publicized on the mass media are not the solution, because you are.

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