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  • Setting the world on fire to exterminate all evil would be a simplest way, but it is as effective as killing oneself. God is a spirit that unites all humanity. True word of God has been obscured and overshadowed by the salesmen who distort reality, twist the truth and turn the message of God into a joke, burying it within thousands of pages. And as far as religious leaders, popes, rabbis and clerics, it must be understood that any known war criminal can get some plastic surgery or put on some make up, learn the language of the local people, learn Koran, Bible or Talmud, come to town and act as their religious leader. And although people may laugh if they recognize the war criminal, they will not laugh if they are hungry and in need, and if the new religious leader is backed by international bankers and can provide them with food and other essentials, they will then soon recognize this new leader as the true messenger of God. I am just a working man who decided to distance myself from their reality a long time ago, and if the establishment which criticizes them continues referring to them as presidents, popes, kings, highnesses, legends, princes, clerics, lords, prime ministers, dukes and duchesses, then please allow me to introduce myself: I am author Abrutis - a author who shall never profit from politics and who asks to be killed, exterminated if I ever begin to profit from my political writings, speech making or governing, because it is exactly those types of career politicians who create conflicts in the first place: They are like businesses looking after their business, and they need to distinguish themselves instead of uniting humanity. I shall continue working with concrete, I will carry on my father's business to support myself until my death or retirement.

    People can not worship God if they are too busy worshiping money, the second god which unites the world of politics, the media and other businesses. Money is a wonderful creation to reward those who work and advance humanity towards achievements, but when it is allowed to buy decision makers (aka politicians), it takes a life form of it's own and becomes greatest threat to God and his humanity. Today, many people around the world are desperate to pay their bills and come up with money to save their dying relatives who are in need but can not even get the basic care they need. They turn to prostitution, drug dealing and other immoral activities out of necessity. They are all forgiven, because they are just victims of the brutal world.

    Written by author Abrutis in the fall of 2014 this is short but complete version of all holy books. Reading this booklet is fully sufficient to understand god and to defeat evil. All religious books before this are now considered distractions if they are being presented before this short, easy to understand, led by modern examples writing. I have learned a LOT from the people who preached from holy books, but now author Abrutis, the author for the new world government calls for all Christians, Muslims and Jews to abandon their old religions like one must get out of their old dirty clothes: God/Allah demands this! - Time corrupts everything, including holy books: there was a time when bible was merely 10 commandments, today these 10 commandments are buried and obscured by thousands of pages, and the world leaders themselves (who often claim to be religious people) can not even keep those ten commandments. Like a woman who once was 110 pounds, and now is fat like a whale, humanity needs guidance of people who have not been corrupted. If brainwashed people would just kill each other in wars, then this holy book would not have been written! But their conflicts affect the innocent and so their games must be wiped out from the planet!

  • There will always be those who instead of sharing the original, will plagiarize other people's work and present it as their own - for profit, career or prestige. Everything I wrote here comes directly from my heart, meaning directly from God.

    In the beginning of the 21st century, God spoke to author Abrutis.


  • For example while Prophet Muhammad was alive, there was no division among Muslims, but after his death, His ideas were hijacked and Muslims divided. It is important to note that Muhammad never claimed to be anything other than a human being and a messenger of God. Therefore author Abrutis states clearly that he does not represent anyone who in any way makes fun of or ridicules any prophets, because prophets are those who are doing a great service to humanity expecting nothing in return, while those who ridicule them, often do so for their own personal profit.

    Reasons behind statements such as "Muhammad is the last prophet" and "Jesus is the only son of God" must be examined and understood: Those prophets themselves never actually made such claims, because they served God. But the establishment which was forced to put up with their name because they connected with humanity, had to say "OK, You can now worship this dead prophet, but no more prophets after him, this is the last one" They hijack and derail every successful political or religious movement, and flattery is one of their great tools - do not reject me because you disagree with some of the things I say!

  • - people who build, create, innovate, do something productive for society, for a living. (Such is my father who is now in heaven) They are no less meaningful than God, they are a creation of God, whether they believe in any religion or not, whether they are Americans, Chinese, Mexicans or Illegal Mexicans - there is no such thing as an illegal working class human being, the only ones who are illegal are the politicians who make all kinds of laws and regulations making us illegal to displace people for profit of the true welfare class, which can be best described as international bankers. Not the Jews, not the Christians nor anything else which they like to hide behind, and they always like to hide behind what they are not, because what they really are, no one likes.

    And it is quite Ironic that most of the time critics of the illegal immigrants happen to be those same people who criticize the establishment, the government: So if they do not trust the government, then how can they trust the government to issue papers dictating who is legal and who is not? They are confused.

  • A VIDEO OF THIS OATH MUST BE PROVIDED BY ALL CANDIDATES UPON REGISTRATION TO RUN FOR OFFICE IN NEWWORLDGOVERNMENT.NET REAL ELECTIONS. The purpose of this oath is to discourage any hypocrite politicians from wanting to associate with the new world government:
    As a working man, I promise to you that if elected for public office, I shall not take any bribes, any gifts, that I shall not profit from politics in any way, and that I shall not get a nation into any unnecessary war. And understanding that our previous leaders have promised us the same exact thing, and then broken their promises once elected, I will go even further: I promise that if a need to fund any rebel group or a need for any war shall arise, that I myself shall be in the front lines of that war, in front of any other men with guns, and if I shall fail to keep this promise as an elected representative, I state that I am granting in advance, a right for any man to kill me, that such a man shall not be held accountable, shall not be punished, shall not serve time in prison for eliminating me, if I shall break my promises to the people. Let this video serve as immunity to anyone who shall exterminate a potential traitor in command.

  • People have asked me "are you ready to sacrifice your life, to die for your belief" - When asking such idiotic questions, they should be more specific: I am ready to exterminate anyone who stands in my way of achieving world justice or anyone who tries to harm me. Evil, which is the only force that may want to harm me, is too weak to even push a button to detonate an atomic bomb: It does it's work by deceiving others. So if I get killed, we must never blame the person that killed me, but only the mass media through which that person was indoctrinated, and would likely be made a spectacle and a celebrity by it. In the fall of 2014 I have traveled to the middle east, twice; I rode in a car that looked like a casket, with windows painted black so that I could not see anything outside, in order to meet with top members of what is known as "terrorist" group Hezbollah. But among them I felt like among my closest family members. And although on the way out of their hide out, as I was riding in a similar casket, a thought occurred to me that when the doors will open, I may get a bullet in my head or a knife, at that point I checked my pulse on my neck and it was beating no faster or harder than at any other time. I met with forces of Bashar Assad as described in my trip to Lebanon. Assad is considered a brutal dictator by the mass media. I have met the members of the Islamic State and was riding in a van with them, and again, I felt among them as I would have felt among my closest brothers, the way I have not felt in decades. They are known on the mass media as a dangerous terrorist group, and I was surely supposed to get killed by at least one of them, but it never happened: People on the media always confuse us with themselves: If there is a danger to them, they will scream that the danger exists to all of us, "they want to kill us all". I proclaim that there is no danger to those who serve God. And even if I die, what is loved about me is the spirit, the soul and not the body.

    And so when anyone tells me "you know the government is probably watching us right now, they watch everything we say, everything we do" My response is: good, maybe they can learn something, but they can not harm the truth, because they know full well that they are also being watched, but the ULTIMATE watcher is God.

  • This section can only be understood in full context of this web site. Life is full of miracles and certain little disturbances can cause great changes. A author shall never profit from politics, he has his separate personal business to earn his living. He already shut down his bar and gave up his liquor license, in large part because it would be hypocritical if due to his rising popularity, the bar would increase profit. author works with concrete and with his own hands, that is as much as the public needs to know. Upon closer investigation anyone can find out what exactly he does for his living, but sharing this information with others is discouraged and considered a sin. This is because if a author becomes a uniter of the world and public is aware of his business, then people would want to do business with the author, and he would therefore profit from politics. Those who have become aware of the author's actual business are advised and requested not to do business with him, and if the whole world shall be made aware of the author's actual business by the curious business oriented media, then the whole world will be requested not to do business with the author, and the author's business will suffer. Initiating business with the author while knowing who he is, is considered a sin. This does not apply to repeat customers.

  • Places of worship apparently all need money: to pay the bills, to renovate their buildings, to help the needy in their community. Very understandable. They all claim that they themselves live very modest lives, and the donations go where they belong. Without money I myself would not have been able to eat, live, have a computer and communicate with you either. But there is a very big and important distinction: I work for my money doing other things, nothing related to politics or religion. And in my business I have absolutely no interest to unite with competition or share knowledge. No matter what I may pretend, they are not my friends or allies -it's just business. But I believe that over the last couple of decades, from the money that I earned working with my own hands, other than to pay the bills and survival, I have spent larger percentage of it for the service of God, than did an average place of worship. Yet I am very unpopular and some of them are very popular. Is it because they know God better than me? Let us take an average popular politician as an example: is he popular because people like him more, or is he popular because the media keeps talking about him and the big money keeps supporting him? A popularity contest proves prior, while a referendum always proves the later. But why should any of these donation collecting businesses ever unite if their donation collecting business ever takes off? And divided what good are they to the god that they worship?

  • Imagine there is a woman being raped on the street by a couple of armed men. A large group of people gather around the scene - journalists, politicians and religious leaders. Journalists keep reporting to tell us the truth, politicians keep talking about the law or blaming the opposing side for such bad behavior, and religious leaders keep talking about how God will punish them later. And they are blocking the view and a way for police to intervene, they are obscuring people such as myself and others from helping the rape victim. They may be divided among themselves, but they are very well united by money. That is why, international banker, IMF monetary chief Strauss Kahn who held hands with George Bush and Obama, was able to rape a maid in New York, and then after she complained, he was allowed to go to the airport, and fly back to his France without any problems. Later of course, for a show, they took a video of him in the handcuffs, in order to improve the image of the world wide justice system. But what would have happened if the roles have been reversed, we all know. And so if I really have my freedom of speech in this America, then I would like to say that it would make my day to see all the journalists, politicians and religious leaders who do not recognize a living Abrutis as their uniter, in order to unite humanity, to see someone coming up with a machine gun and shooting them all, because I am against violence they incite

  • International bankers are bailing out nations, saving the people from dictatorships, triggering economies back into life with their loans, according to every day reporting by the mass media. So naturally a large credit is due to these international bankers who are so skillful at managing the finances. But if they are given credit for our economical growth, then they should also be held responsible for all the stale economies, recessions and depressions, however - there is a clever practice in play, where the blame goes to their puppet leaders, which the media often likes to portray as dictators. For all that is bad, the political experts on the media are relentlessly blaming each other, each other's parties, each other's nations, they never blame the international bankers, who back these parties and these nations. And by controlling the media they can easily take credit for everything that is good - technological advancements, freedoms, opportunity. In Soviet Union they taught us in school that Lenin invented the light bulb, then when I came to America at 13, they taught us that it was Thomas Edison, and I am sure that in North Korea it was Kim Jong Il or his father. Naturally since the dominant power at the time is America rather than USSR or North Korea, the accepted truth is that it was Thomas Edison. And naturally since the rest of the American founding fathers kept warning about the international bankers, the accepted truth today is that they were slave owners, and as such can be disregarded.

  • After a long talk with my mother on skype In January 2015, I remembered a few things and learned a few interesting things I never knew as a child. For example since my mother herself was not a religious person, I asked her how come she took me to a church couple of times when I was about 8 years old, and it is interesting that those churches were packed both times despite the fact that communists were suppressing religion. My mother explained that it was a way for people, including for her to rebel against the system. On a related subject, I remember asking my grandmother from my fathers side, why does she believe in Jesus Christ, and she replied "who are we supposed to believe in, Lenin?" - People want to believe in something, and in my opinion (which is not so important, that's why it's in yellow) believing in a crucified or beheaded god as an alternative, is like a dog barking at a tree instead of at a bigger dog that he is afraid of. To all those confused people around the world I claim to be author Abrutis, a reincarnation of Jesus Christ - and I am here to assure you that we do not need to be afraid of the bigger dog, which are the international bankers, and not any communist or any of their other puppet regimes - The ultimate power lies with god, and not any religion or other criminal gang.

    My mom said that communists taught everyone that US and it's dollar was bad, people would go to prison for having US dollars in possession. In 1977 my mother met an American tourist who would later become my God mother, and they went together to Moscow, then the world capital of communism. There they had special stores and hotels for foreigners and distinguished regime big shots, which had guards at entrances to ensure that ordinary local people would not go in there by accident. Since my mother was traveling with an actual blonde American, and herself spoke English well, she was welcomed at the hotel reception with the warm ass kissing by a Russian woman. And then they needed to show their passports to register. My mother pulled out her red communist passport, and the receptionist at the desk almost fainted in disgust. She ran to the back cursing "what kind of a nonsense is this", but then was told to accept my mother as a guest. This, my mother explained was one of the reasons she became disgusted with the soviet system.

    Years later my mother was openly demanding to want to leave USSR. And she had some American friends, and a distant relative who helped make her voice heard through the media. Then, she reminded me and I remembered when I was 9 years old (1982), we went to a public phone place to make an international call, and my mother become very sad and frustrated, because contact was cut, she was no longer able to contact anyone outside USSR. Few days later communists came to our house and arrested her. At the trial (she explained to me), a communist judge told her that she embarrassed the Soviet regime and for that she must be punished. She was sentenced to 6.5 years and got out after 4.5.

    I do not believe it was my mother who embarrassed communism, I believe it was the media - for example: when the three of us came to America in 1987, we had absolutely nothing, but because my father spoke good English and was a political prisoner, he was offered a prestigious job at a radio station; however he was told that he would need to "exaggerate his stories of his time in the soviet labor camps to make it more interesting for the listeners". I am very proud to say that my father refused, instead, a week or so later taking a $7/hour job working with plaster. For career and money people will make up all kinds of lies and theories, and it is perfectly fine in the entertainment and performing arts, but when politicians, news reporters and religious leaders lie or exaggerate - people suffer.

    According to my mother even today, if not for her making her voice heard through the free western media, we would have all been killed or put in a mental institution as were many other people; and so one may think that we should be thankful to the free western media, and my mother probably is, but I, understanding the full hypocrisy and the true evil, realize that it is precisely this media that has been deceiving humanity world wide all along - it is part of a tentacle of a monster, and if a real change is ever going to come, if God shall ever be able to liberate his people, if heaven shall ever be brought down to the earth as Jesus Christ intended before religious leaders lifted it into the sky out of our reach, then we must individually understand that nothing on TV must have any legitimacy, not political candidates, not leaders. And when we hear our friends talk about distinguished candidates or leaders, we must question where did our friends hear about those candidates, and if it is from the main stream media, then we must understand that these are not the leaders of the people, they are leaders of those who control the money supply and the mass media which is fully dependent on it.

  • [13] STUCK IN A WELL Top
  • Imagine yourself stuck in a well in a desert, with no one around to save you. There is only one way out: let your body die to lift the soul up. We are in a very similar situation as humanity. You are attached to the nation, but it's going down. Attached to making money to pay the bills, to get by. Not enough strength to look and act beyond, to step out of the well - life seems short, soon we will die, so might as well take what we can while we can. I pulled myself out of the well exactly by looking beyond myself individually. I will remember that time for eternity, when I said to myself that I as a human being no longer exist. So why am I trying to reach out to you if I already pulled myself out of the well? - read the previous sentence.

  • What we know as some of the biggest dictators in our history, may have been just beating posts to place the blame on, so that it does not fall where it belongs and the real evil remains unidentified.

    Self proclaimed communists and other regimes around the world are just an extension of a disguise, much like a democrat and republic party in America. This is important to understand, because very often a term is used for those who criticize the establishment to "Leave America if you don't like it here" - it seems only they, politicians and journalists have the license to criticize the establishment, due to their understanding not to overstep the boundaries. And when we begin to go deeper into the problem than is allowed in their political circus of blaming the left or the right, they will say "where else in the world will you find such freedoms and opportunity as in America? The truth is, nowhere.

    History can be twisted over the years, and today we can only wonder if Jesus really walked on water, if Hitler really made mattresses out of Jewish hairs, or how much bigger slave owners American founding fathers were than today's politicians, who usually enjoy much better retirement and health care benefits than their servants and those they are supposed to serve. For example, it is written in establishment's history books that Lenin and Stalin helped organize or even participated in bank robberies to fund their communist revolution. There are even pictures of the supposed scene of the robbery, but what is more difficult to twist, is that communist revolution in Russia happened less than four years after federal reserve was enacted in America, less than a year after which WW1 started. Nonetheless, today we can only debate if Lenin and Stalin actually robed banks or if they were funded by banks, but it is certain that they would appeal to the poor people (whom they claimed to want to liberate from the elites) much more if they were the bank robbers rather than funded by these elite bankers. Also, speculation aside, at the time when it mattered most, such as during WW2, it should be noted that these so called opposite sides of capitalism and socialism were fighting on the same front against National Socialists, who claimed to be against international bankers. But when you look at more recent examples of regime changes, such as that of the new Kiev government established in 2014, it becomes much clearer who the backer of those regimes is: Puppet Obama even invited opposition leader Yatseniuk to the white house before any elections there took place, to build him up, to help his party win a popularity contest, AKA elections. And when people in the Eastern Ukraine decided that they will not settle for the new oligarchy as a replacement of an old oligarchy, and they decided to instead hold a referendum, it should be noted that Puppet Vladimir Putin, who again, was presented to the world as the "enemy of America and the west", actually supported their popularity contest and suggested that a referendum be postponed. Giving weapons to any particular side is not necessarily an indicator that you truly favor that side: one might as well give guns to infants instead of infant division - it's all for the same purpose.

  • It may seem to us sometimes that the world is overpopulated, especially after a good meal: Those who have dogs or aquarium fish have probably noticed that after a good feeding, they sometimes get aggressive towards each other (high blood, especially if they eat a lot of meat) We must not be hypocrites: It is not one and not 10 people who built the infrastructure we are living in, and if we do not like this infrastructure, it should be noted that there are still vast amounts of vacant land in this world where no government officials bother to reach to interfere. The problem of pollution and aggressiveness lies with the absence of government: We now have governments that are not governments, presidents who are not presidents, god that is not god, revolutions that are staged.

  • Conservatives in America must understand that supporting republicans will only encourage the other side to support the democrats. Under George Bush, author Abrutis has lived in North Philadelphia, which literally looked like a thrash can, while people kept collecting their welfare without being required to at least clean up their neighborhoods. This will change under New World Government: In the inner cities, soup kitchens will replace all welfare - local representatives will be allowed to make speeches there and discuss their ideas on how to get young people back to work; In the rural areas which are harder to reach, local places of worship will be able to expand their role of helping the needy, while at the same time teaching them about God and loving the neighbor, instead of having them eat their pizzas in isolation, in front of television, watching some degrading programs.

    How will new world government deal with influx of immigrants from poor nations such as Somalia into America? The answer is simple: America will seize to exist as a welfare state

  • [17] SHARIA LAW Top
  • - Allah Akbar! Can you make baboons cover up their ugly butts? do you need to eradicate baboons or force human ways on to them? NO! but we are obligated to ensure that baboons do not remain in power corrupting humanity. Humanity does not breed ignorance, the system breeds ignorance: when humanity has been stripped of it's national and natural resources, then naturally it becomes degenerate, resorting to stealing from each other and cutting each other's throats just to survive, to pay the bills - 50 year old women take off their clothes to get more tips - I had this in my bar before I closed it, and I say god bless this woman, she was just trying to make money to survive. How many parents would want to see their daughters become prostitutes or their sons to become drug dealers? NONE! - Sharia Law is a natural way of life, it does not need to be enforced or used as a scare tactic against Islam with intent to continue corrupting society. All that is needed from the brave Islamic fighters is to help liberate humanity from international bankers. And until I speak to your leader who may have a big price tag on his head and needs to hide (peace be upon him) I am the official spokesman for the Islamic State even if I am not recognized at the moment.

  • [18] GOD'S OWN WORDS Top
  • God came down to me and said:


  • is an island designated for recovery of alcoholics, drug addicts and smokers. It is a self sustained island. Parents of children under 21 shall have a right to extradite their troubled youth to that island for the period of 6 months to 1 year. Local elected community members will also have the authority to send their nuisance drug addicts and alcoholics there. Any visitor caught smuggling drugs, alcohol, tobacco or any addictive types of food to that island will be sentenced to 6 months.

  • [20] TRAINS Top
  • - They have been invented a long time ago, and today, in places such as America they are mostly abandoned. With the hijacking of nations by international bankers, it is important to create as many jobs as possible, and so the idea that each driver instead is in control of his 18 wheeler continues driving for 12 or more hours a day until he has a heart attack and flips over on a highway, fits the interests of the new masters, the hidden dictatorship - because at least this way, they get to collect fees on every turn, tolls on turn pikes, taxes for the money they make and so on. As a person who can truly identify with these truck drivers, as a person who to make my deliveries for my business, I myself have to take these long and exhausting trips, and sometimes curl up on the seat to try to sleep for half an hour so that I can see the road clearly again, as a uniter of the world I want to make some changes: I want to revive and improve a railway system, so that at certain point a truck is easily boarded on a train with 50 other trucks and cars headed in the same direction for the next 100-200 miles along certain highway, and during that time the drivers can relax in the dining cart or take a nap, all for an affordable price, as affordable as military pays for their trips and meals. But we can not be led by politicians who get around in helicopters and air planes to bypass the traffic, and live on private islands away from crime infested neighborhoods, because they are only good at pretending. On November 2014 I was on a delivery trip in Washington DC - it took me FOUR HOURS just to get out of that city due to traffic! this is capital of the free world. Yet on the news the so called leaders keep talking about ISIS, Assad, Free Syrian Army and so on. Whom do they really represent?

  • Millions of people will lose their careers: drug dealers, telemarketers, union bosses and many others. No one will lose their homes and pensions. Establishment's defenders may instantly tie this to socialism - "how can a person who loses his career not lose their home and retirement? it's socialism" but then they will stop short of explaining how their government bailed out banks while tens of millions of Americans were losing their homes to those banks - There will be a great reduction in monthly bills, for example with internet, television and telephone services, communities will be able to decide locally how to service their lines, without any corporation tax added which they like to call "service fees" - people will be able to hook up the internet for free from the public pole outside: It was not the internet companies that invented the internet, they simply hijacked it after it was developed using tax payers money, and it is time the tax payers hijacked it back. Establishment's defenders will confuse us with themselves by making claims that this will take us to poverty level that of North Korea and other communist countries, but they will not explain how communist regimes such as former USSR were actually backed by the big money of the so called capitalists, they will instead make up lies in their history books that people such as Lenin and Stalin robbed banks to fund their communist revolutions.

    Retirement - there are many who are set to receive a comfortable retirement following their careers oppressing others, while many of the oppressed workers who have been struggling to get by all their lives, who had to work jobs under the table, end up with nothing. Democrat solution is to tax those who still have something, New World Government . net's solution is to liberate the world from international bankers. For example, why is it that a person who fought for his country as an Iraqi be labeled a terrorist and receive no retirement, while a person who fought in Iraq as an American be labeled a hero and receive a monthly pension? And if you do not have the decency to answer such a simple question and choose to instead turn away, then your opinion does not matter. It is the ignorance which creates evil, which we may know today as ISIS or other boogie men. But in the eyes of God, all hypocrites are equivalent to dogs.

  • All of them, no exception. Democrats talk about fairness in equal opportunity, republicans talk about fairness in working for what you have. But they all need money to be able to get their message across, there is not one movement out there that is not accepting donations.

    I am an unknown person, I've been a working man all my life... and honesty does not allow me to enter that game of hypocrisy. And so I am unknown in comparison to them. But do YOU have enough honesty to listen to what I have to say, even if I do not appear popular? Just like you I have been oppressed by governments, all of which are dependent on money. There is no such thing as an independent government, independent nation. It is an illusion.

    Their game, of collecting donations in order to get publicity, to reach out, is absolutely no different than a chess game when someone is allowed to make 10 moves in a row, or a singing competition where some singers have the microphone and others do not, and some of their supporters in the audience are purposely making noise so that no one could hear the other singers - there can be no honesty in such a game, no matter how sincere they sound accusing the other side. On TV they will say god bless America and the troops, behind our backs they will steal from Americans and the troops.

  • - they read from books written thousands of years ago, which are hard to understand. But god actually spoke to me, and I'm sure he speaks to other people too, god actually told me to reach out to the world, to speak on his behalf, but my message, GOD'S message has been obscured, by who? by those who are backed by money. It does not matter how big or small their donations are, the notion that donations from individuals, from ordinary people make any difference in a politicians campaign is an illusion that makes us feel as if we are in charge of our leaders, as if we decide their fate with our donations, when in fact the decision makers are those who control the money supply. In America, I have been taught in public schools that American founding fathers were slave owners. I hate slave owners, but I believe in what they said, that control of money must never leave the hands of the people through their elected representatives. It did so in 1913.

  • When they criticize Jews, Nazis, Muslims or anyone else they are not wrong. Democrats and republicans are all corrupt. If you listen to the actual speeches of Hitler in 1932 and 1933, he is very sincere, honest and truthful, and unlike career politicians today who find all sorts of evil about Hitler, I have yet to find anything hateful, racist or anti Semitic in any of his speeches (writings do not count, because those who hold the power, can do all kinds of writing and put words in the mouths of other people, especially dead people. Also it should be noted that there are many videos of audio presented as if it is the voice of Hitler, with Hitler's video in the background - they do not count either, because upon closer examination, the audio tone in these videos does not quite match the audio of Hitler speaking in his actual videos. So when politicians use Hitler as a card to label someone evil, it must be understood that it is a dishonest tactic)

  • - I keep seeing people on my friends list repeatedly posting messages blaming society for electing stupid politicians. But if they themselves are such geniuses, then why don't they manage to join together to offer a clear alternative for people to vote for? It seems their own division is to blame for confusing people, they all seem to favor different parties as an alternative. How are the voters supposed to know which one is worth voting for? vast majority does not vote for these politicians, they vote against them, only they are not allowed an against option, so they have to vote for the one they despise less, and are desperate enough to do so.

  • Good and Evil; plus and minus, positive and negative, generosity and greed, God and money. We shall examine this in a form of God and money: To make money people will often pretend to serve God, but to serve God no one will pretend to worship money. Therefore the power of God is much greater than it appears, because of all the fraud who like to associate themselves with God, who pretend to be messengers of God, and by doing so they create an illusion that their failures have to do with God's lack of power, when God is the only true power. God is a spirit that unites all living things, not around some politicians giving them unlimited power, but around a messenger who shall never profit from politics, who shall never hide behind the gates or fences, who shall be ready to sacrifice his life like a soldier on a battlefield, who will not be afraid of enemies, because there is no hatred in his soul to begin with. Without God, there are individuals such as workers and craftsmen who shall be turned into slaves for their ignorance towards God who stands for justice of all mankind; if they stray, then they do not deserve to live in a modern world that was created not by animals, (animals also work towards their individual interests), but it was created by humanity that believed in a greater good. God is us, we are Gods - and the salesmen who sell God will try to twist this reality to push God to the side just a little bit, just enough to squeeze themselves and their donation plate in between us and God.

  • because people who believe in God do not need money to share his message, they cannot be manipulated like some religious types (god and religion must not be confused). Those who believe in God, will not judge his movement based on its' perceived popularity, and we all know that better financed movements will always be more popular. But God is already the most popular force on the planet, and vast majority knows that.

    Some will say "but politicians need to eat, they need to travel, they need to pay their staff".... How is it that I, a working man, who drives a beat up truck, who eats road kill deer, who buys his clothes exclusively at goodwill, found money to travel to the middle east to meet the members of the Islamic State, Hezbollah and Syrian authorities?.... without any donations?.......... because I believe in God. Why should people not be jealous of leaders who live like kings without having to work? they are fully justified in their criticism, and critics may seem harmless until they round up armies, then there are wars.

    Of course you are saying to yourself "why can such an honest, sincere man as myself not be a representative of my country, if only voters would be less ignorant" - never blame the voters! - my own greatness begins with my realization that I myself am no better than anyone else. And I am taking a full responsibility for Americans electing bad leaders, because I was not good enough in reaching out, in getting through to people. But if I reached out to you, then it is your responsibility to reach out to others.

  • they understand the importance to act humble in order to gain people's respect. One good example of such a humble politician is Joseph Stalin, who in his speech in 1937 acts as if he has been dragged into power by those who trust him, and he simply could not refuse the obligation to rule. And people usually do not have time to examine things more deeply, but let us take a closer look at today's conservative Christians in America, I am not even talking about liberals, they are quite open about what they are. Many of these conservatives claim to believe in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is dead, he can not talk back to say that he disapproves of their actions. Would they have believed in Jesus Christ when he was alive, or would they have crucified him then? We can only guess, and to make a best guess we can look at their actions today. I believe I have Jesus Christ in my heart too, but I never see the need to mention it, to claim that I am a Christian as they always do. But I know, that if my best friend or I myself would be beheaded and crucified, I would not want such an image displayed for my friends to see. And that is exactly how many Christians at the highest level display Jesus Christ - Crucified on a cross; with some ridiculous story attached justifying this display of disrespect. They act as though they are brave for worshiping Christ, They not only allow us to believe in Christ today, but they even encourage it: billboards about Jesus Christ, top politicians express their love for Christ, on the MSM everywhere other than the liberal media is talk about Christ, 2000 years later, because Jesus Christ is dead and we have an official image of him crucified. Dead men do not talk back, they do not argue - for them, that makes a good god.

  • - Individuals. And individually we can pull ourselves up by our own boot straps if we are privileged to live in a free nation. But if we begin to rely on others to do our governing for us, for political critics on TV to be the government watchdogs, we then rightfully lose our nation, and then it becomes not so easy to pull ourselves up by our own boot straps.

    Individually we may be hard working men, but so can be animals. It is the team work that creates greatness, and when people join political or religious parties, they may outshine individuals, but they can never outshine those who are united with the spirit of God.

    There are wonderful people who say they have not a drop of god in their soul. But what makes them so wonderful? - Their hearts. And when religions, like political parties have been hijacked by money and disgraced, then naturally those wonderful people no longer want to be related to it, but that is all that god is - a spirit of goodness in our heart.

  • Another portion is hoping to befriend a rich person, but God has been pushed out of the way. Self proclaimed conservatives on TV are quick to place a blame on liberals, but if you ask those liberals why do they vote democrat, vast majority will say that they are simply voting against those conservatives, or the alternative that they are presenting. And because the government feeds them well, job or no job, they do not resist. Their stomachs are full, they can compare themselves to the miserable people in the Middle East, Russia and other parts of the world, and feel good about living in what they call the best nation in the world. But taking comfort never leads to progress, and in a world that does not stand still, without a progress we all sink. Of course to make up for their lack of progress, they like to call themselves progressives. This way, in case there ever is any progress, they can claim credit for it, because they are the ones who are already known as progressives.

  • And today, I have yet to find any religious group, anti establishment group, party, politician, political movement, human rights organization, charity or anything else that isn't dependent on money, that does not have it's hand extended, asking and hoping for donations. There are a few who have a link to click to sign up and only then there is a donation button, but most of them have a donation button displayed right on top of their home page, so that it is easier to see and can not be missed. And we should ask ourselves: why would any of these so called independent movements ever unite, if their donation collecting business ever takes off? if they find a donor who can outdo all the other donors? It instantly makes all the other donors obsolete, it's just like when a prostitute finds a millionaire boyfriend that can take care of all her needs, she can then abandon her life on the streets and become a respectable lady.

  • [32] WHEN I SAY I AM A author, I DO SO OUT OF LOVE. Top
  • They say "get elected, run for a local office, take it step by step". That is exactly how they get corrupted - step by step: You want some grant for your district as a congressman? - learn how to kiss up to the right people, then you will get that grant, you will look like you've achieved something, like you've balanced the budget. But I am not interested in obtaining any grants when a nation is already trillions of dollars in debt. I would not make a good congressman, senator or president - It seems only by borrowing they can achieve things. They say "you need money to be heard, to be noticed, to pay for the staff, for advertisement, for the trips"

    If people need money to spread the message of God, then the god they believe in is not my god, I want nothing to do with it. Today, a message of God can easily be spread by people like you individually on social media on internet, without any cost. And if there is a division, a confusion, because there are so many messengers of god spreading the truth and offering alternatives that the only ones who are united are the establishment's politicians on the MSM, then the fault lies with all those movements who are in it for money, who need donations, and not with me: If they would not exist, then I would be heard. And so the biggest billionaire with a loudest microphone can be humble, whispering into the microphone. I do not have that privilege, but we must ask - all those political giants, those humble politicians, where would they all be without all the publicity of the establishment media? And some may claim well they became big, because they were humble and proved themselves with their actions: that is like proving what came first, the chicken or the egg. And for all that is bad with the nation, they will always blame the other side.

    They like to talk about communism, I have seen communism first hand, they like to talk about conservatism, I heat my place with firewood, I buy my clothes at goodwill, I eat roadkill deer when I find it fresh - that is conservatism. - But it embarrasses them to have a conservative such as myself among them, I have been banned from all, not only moderate conservative forums, but from the extreme conservative forums as well - they prefer to have a definition of a conservative as someone who is against liberalism, someone who likes to argue and insult the other side, because that creates an illusion of freedom of speech.

    Of course you are saying to yourself "why can such an honest, sincere man as myself not be a representative of my country, if only voters would be less ignorant" - never blame the voters: my own greatness begins with my realization that I myself am no better than anyone else. I am taking full responsibility for Americans electing bad leaders, because I was not good enough in reaching out, in getting through to people. But if I reached out to you, then it is your responsibility to reach out to others. I have spent my money, I have risked my life, I have sacrificed my time, I have given my soul, and I have not lost anything, because god has compensated me for everything.

    On television is a world of illusions, a real world we must create ourselves: our presidents come from TV, our popes, our history, our knowledge comes from TV, our idea for alternatives to the establishment comes from TV; or from our friends who've been watching TV. And if we ignore the world on TV, what good is it if we are all divided? even if the vast majority of us do not believe what's on TV? They could get a hundred brainwashed people for an audience, ad some effects, make it look like a hundred thousand, and present their leader as if the whole nation is behind him (especially if they organize some Rock concert to attract more people) And we will be discouraged to do anything about our nation, because we will see the whole nation full of morons supporting this new idiotic politician. And intelligent people will prefer to stay home, alone, in front of their televisions, watching all the ignorant people, thinking that they make up the majority. It's an illusion - They may show you miracles, they may show you Jesus walking on water, I will show you my dogs walking on water.

  • We have to ask ourselves what are we following? Our own common sense? - we will always have to follow someone, whether we like it or not - to help us follow their leaders, the establishment's dictatorship will create an illusion that we are living in a democracy where people at least elect their leaders. We already know this is a lie, other way you would not be reading this. We can follow a rock band singing their latest hit "No more corruption", pay $20 for the ticket, raise our fists and feel like we are making a difference. We can contribute to some independent party or a humanitarian organization, but I discuss in detail on my web site how some of the biggest humanitarian organizations are really human traffickers in disguise. We can follow Jesus Christ on a cross, now that he is dead. When he was alive, we would have been crucified for following him, but today, it makes us accepted members of society. We can follow the laws that they wrote, and try to get ahead by stepping on each others throats... And eventually someone will step on our own throats and squash us. Or we can follow a author! a author who shall never profit from politics. Who must WORK for everything he has. There is NO way out of corruption, other than by following a author. A author speaks from his heart, He is a complete puppet of God, Not a puppet of money. He WORKS for his money. I gave up my liquor license, I could have profited from alcoholics, but I chose to do what God told me.

  • Just like the welfare class claim that the government owes them reparations, government owes them money, and other benefits, so does the welfare class of politicians that bred this hybrid of humanity claim that "the government is in debt - it owes someone money" - It's a slightly more sophisticated scam, because they are not claiming to be direct beneficiaries, but if those politicians on television and in the government claim that American government owes someone money, then they can start demonstrating it by reducing their own paychecks and retirement benefits, all of which comes from the working class people some of whom sometimes yes, need government assistance to survive in this hijacked system which causes prices to soar.

    And if only men who fought for our freedom can receive pensions and benefits, then they didn't fight for our freedom, but they fought for their pensions and benefits. How is Iraqi man for example who fought Americans, any less deserving of those same benefits? How is any political activist who put his money and his soul to try to stop the war, the violence any less deserving of those same benefits?... Having 3 dogs, I know how each dog always thinks he is better than the other dogs, but they are all the same to me.

  • It is not nearly as attractive as "independent movement" white pride, black pride, local patriot, justice for minorities, some religious, gentlemen's club or any other movement intended to unite one group of people. But it is not my intent to divide humanity by uniting certain groups. I also understand that I may sound like a puppet of the establishment, the elites with my talk of a new world government, but it is only because the establishment's puppets put in a great deal of effort to sound like ordinary people and act humble (28) - Do not let my apparent arrogance fool you, if you pay closer attention you will realize quite the opposite.

    How could they manage to align themselves with something called "new world order" when their power exists due to age old scheme of creating disorder and lending money to desperate regimes? Because they plant such ideas through the so called independent investigative journalists and conspiracy theorists that they back. They also have theories circulating in their defence about them being tied with super human aliens in area 51, about them being psychopaths who would destroy the planet (since they can just move to another planet) if their power would be threatened etc.

    When the will take off due to people like you sharing the message, do not be surprised if a or even movement shows up. And it may be all over television (Herman Cain may even become a new spokesman of such a movement, But do not confuse the two (51))

  • Politics entered my life at the age of 6 in USSE when they imprisoned my father for writing his ideas about what he thought would be a good economical system. And politics continued disturbing my life throughout the years both in USSR and USSA. Then, in the late 1990's after having lived in America for over a decade, I entered politics by trying to organize different independent political movements who were speaking out against the establishment. And only then, after I realized that none of them are actually interested in uniting, but are more like individual businesses, individual rock bands trying to make it in the music business, I came to conclusion that a uniter is needed. And having my history behind me as a driving force (see my biography), it was not hard to realize that a person like me is exactly what is needed as a uniter. And if I am wrong, if there is someone more fitting for the task, please come forward and introduce yourself.

  • We have to understand and help our fellow enemies understand how freedom of speech is controlled by the establishment: political analysts on the so called independent media seem very free to talk about and criticize anything, but this is not the case at all: What is happening is, selected idiots with a certain mindset of who to blame are allowed onto those shows to argue, they are not only allowed but even encouraged to fiercely criticize the other side of political blame game circus, but when someone there gets too smart and starts pointing to the real problem, or the real solution, especially during the election season, when the truth matters most, they then are quickly warned by the station manager, told that this is not what people want to hear, that the ratings are going down because of this nonsense, and if they still don't get with the program, they get fired. I should know because I myself have been banned from all political forums on internet hundreds of times, but as you can see from my writings, all I talk about is unity and understanding.

    Those who control the media, have always and will always control the government. there is no exception to this rule. It is therefore a sin and very unpatriotic to vote for any politicians who showcase on the MSM.

    In any part of the world, at any part of history, people always seek to replace the establishment, which over time, become like grease balls, surrounded by individuals and groups sucking up to those in power, clogging up the arteries of society. but the power is so attractive, no one ever wants to let it go. There are two distinct ways to control the opposition: one way is by force and violence, where those who oppose the regime, are simply imprisoned or worse, But a second method, which is much less noticeable, which is used in today's "democracies" such as America, is to obscure the opposition, with trolls and straw men, who are publicized on television and other media networks, creating an illusion of total freedom. only a clear uniter can liberate nations from this type of oppression. That is why today, even evangelicals on television are turning people against a uniter, by prophesizing and predicting the coming of an evil dictator. International criminals want us to have weak leaders - Bill Clinton with Lewinsky scandal, George Bush who elected with less votes than his opponent, Obama with his fake Birth certificate - weak leaders they can manipulate and blackmail.

  • For the last 8 years Obama was a president. According to most people in this place who like to watch the Fox news and the conservative media, Obama was anti American, he hated Israel, he was born in Kenya, he forged his birth certificate, he betrayed the American people. And yet he got elected and re elected by the American people, and again, according to most of you, it is because majority of American people are misinformed, ignorant, attracted by free stuff, or to put it plain - idiots, bad people. I DISAGREE: - if you put a murderer and a rapist in a race and get people desperate enough to vote, they will vote for a rapist.

    I realize that this will most likely land me in prison, but it is my last resort to reach out to people of the world. I have tried everything else. A teacher once taught me in America, that if we see a crime in progress and we do nothing about it, we are guilty of that crime (so I'm guilty of ignorance if I do nothing as well) - what the journalists on the media are doing is equivalent of a gang standing around a rape victim as she is being raped, reporting to each other, obscuring a view for authorities or a police to do something about the crime. A solution is very simple: a popularity contest must be replaced with real elections, to allow people to elect real representatives. In real elections, people can vote not only for but also against politicians.

    I have spent 3 nights in jail in Philadelphia in 2000 when I was wrongly arrested for robbery after a drug addict tried to rob me and then complained to the police, and the police believed the drug addict rather than me. I spent a night in jail in November of 2014 in Beirut Lebanon after I spoke in defense of Islamic State in downtown Beirut, so these politicians in this conference, who are obviously here because they care about this country, can surely spent a few days in our custody until we hold such a referendum to see who shall be a representative of the republican party. Let us put me on the media next to your biggest political giants you want to nominate, let me give a 10 minute speech, I do not need to be publicized day and night like your political giants, and let people vote for or against each of us, and if I lose, you can put me in prison or anywhere else, I will forever and permanently be out of politics voluntarily. But do not tell me I have freedom of speech when I was repeatedly banned from all political forums on internet.

  • The most deadly virus is always that which the body cannot identify to defend itself against. This virus has expanded to control the opposition by leading it - yes, it actually sponsors those who speak out against it, up to the point when it becomes a danger to them, then the sponsorship stops and the movement dies. But up until that point it serves as a distraction to other similar movements. It creates small fires in order to prevent a wild fire which endangers their control of power. They understand very well that they can never be liked by humanity, and so they must hide behind the puppet circus. So our tactic to liberate ourselves must begin with each of us individually looking within, rather than blaming stupid voters, stupid Americans, evil terrorists, satanic Jews, brutal dictators, and so on. Brutal dictators around the world are all their puppets, just like American government. If Vladimir Putin for example was a dictator, in charge of things, then instead of putting up with all the nonsense from the western politicians on the media, he would have long time ago thrown out all the international bankers from his country, formed a union with his friendly nations, and printed their own money supply. He is a puppet and not a dictator. He tells his people that Russia is enslaved to America, but America itself is trillions of dollars in debt - there must be some other slave owner out there. He celebrates in the annual parade commemorating the defeat of Nazis, but their own government at the time killed 30 million of it's own people and ended up invading and occupying independent nations.

    Why should America alone stand up against this virus? The same disease that controls other nations would abandon it, and support other nations to help destroy America, turn people into slaves and force them to pay reparations to the rest of the world. American people are no more guilty of any war crimes than anyone in any other part of the world. The only way it makes sense for Americans to stand up against the system is if the whole world stands up along with it. That is why I formed the New world There is no other alternative, Ron Paul said it brilliantly: "revolution will not be televised" - Ron Paul was televised. His movement failed. If the media wants to televise the new world government that is fine, but members of the new world government will never participate in any debates on the main stream media, because by doing so, it would only give them credibility to destroy us later, when our movement reaches certain height and we are no longer allowed on stage to respond. For us to participate in any of their debates would be like for a Christian to go to the Northern Syria and preach about Christianity - not a good idea, you can search Ron Paul smear campaign on YouTube for elaboration. The media is our eyes and ears to the outside world, and it must not be controlled by the money, it must be controlled by the people who care enough to share the message. Other way there is absolutely no chance of liberating the world from the disease of international bankers.

  • is to replace UN/NATO with an organization that is not manipulated by money/IMF and to ensure that all nations hold real referendum style elections in order to get rid of IMF puppet circus/ old world dictatorship. Tanks and guns do not win wars, heart and vision wins wars - responsibility of the fighters is only to ensure that one man with a heart and vision gets a chance to speak and unite the people. I am that man in 2014 and 2015, when I die I am a dead man, and no longer a author.

  • We all have reasons to want to kill, I am not the only one, but I can say with absolute confidence that there is no person on this planet angrier than me. NONE. I have been angry for four decades, boiling with frustration. I could have killed communists for imprisoning my parents, and I would have never came to America, I could have killed American kids who bullied me in schools and I would have went to prison and had a criminal record, I could have shot up a 25th police district in Philadelphia after wrongful arrest and having to spend 3 nights in prison, but I would have likely ended up dead and unable to be here with you today, I could have very easily killed a fat American degenerate last November who shot my dogs, or my ex wife who cheated on me, but I always controlled my anger, because it blinds our vision. We usually do not like to look at flaws on ourselves, it is much easier to see bad in others.

  • On my way from Beirut to the Arsal city to speak to the representative of the Islamic State (ISIS) on September 14th of 2014, As I was nearing the city where Muslims dominate, I saw billboards advertising beer about every 50 yards, on both sides of the road on both sides of the billboards. I have NEVER seen so many advertisements for alcohol anywhere in the world. And I knew instantly what could be the only purpose for such aggressive advertisements for alcohol - to show to Islamic people that the rest of the world is all about consuming alcohol - much the same as we see Islamic state in our democratic world, presented on our democratic media as murderers who like to behead people, rape babies and sell women.

    In Denmark, aside from political cartoons all of which for some reason had pornography and blood in them, on a public train we saw an "art work" of what can be best described as a man bent over, with his penis sticking out and his hair twisted and tied. Placing such "art" in public places is unmistakably an effort to corrupt society and turn us against each other.

  • other way it's like liberating an arm from the deadly virus while the rest of the body is untreated - it will not be long before the virus will stream back into the arm - Without monetary backing, politicians and terrorists would all have to look for real jobs, and we all know who has the unlimited supply of money - international bankers who hijacked America in 1913 by enacting federal reserve during Christmas Holidays, less than a year before world war 1. To liberate the world from this disease we must all 1. accept very likely possibility that no matter how much smarter we think we are than others, we ourselves may have been brainwashed by their extensive control of media, understanding that they control by dividing us, and 2. forgive everyone, accept the fact that we are no better than anyone else (other than weight perhaps, if we are in America), that we are all the same soul experiencing life from a different perspective. I am a working man leading by example, and I am no better than any person on welfare and no person in a military uniform is a bigger hero than me.

  • [44] ISLAMIC STATE Top
  • When Obama announced war on the latest terrorist group in September 2014, he did not even know the real name of it - on CNN it said "Obama announces war on ISIS" Obama said war on ISIL, and here it's called simply Islamic State or Daj - they fund so many terrorist groups, they can't even keep up with the names of the groups they fund. One thing is for certain: Islamic State stands for Allah, which in American is one nation under god. And since I consider myself a founder of the new world government, I am therefore the official Spokesman of the Islamic State. so if you have any questions, I am here to answer your questions.

  • It was the balance of power that made America great, and the loss of it is what has caused its' decline. Whether we admit it or not, the media is a 4th branch of government - but it has the power, which is greater than that of our elected politicians. it is our eyes and ears to the outside world. And even if we are intelligent enough not to fall for their propaganda, as long as they are able to deceive majority, they are able to steal our democracy and our freedom. but before we blame this "ignorant" majority, let us consider this:

    In 2000 and in 2004 I voted for those candidates Bush and Kerry respectively, who were publicized on the mass media. They both convinced me that they are not like the previous administrations. Am I really an ignorant person considering I wrote all these things and spent all my money to try to change the system? what is their solution? who should I vote for or donate money to? who can I trust to keep their promises? For as long as money plays a role in their campaigns, there can not be a balance of power, especially with today's technological advancements: movements can unite on their social networks, but the establishment will back and encourage a 100 other similar networks, and the people will only end up confused.

  • there are millions of politicians who claim to represent the poor people who suffer. Every Billionaire on TV also claims to care about the poor. And if they, billionaires prove it with their donations, then it must be closely investigated how did they ever come up with so much money to donate, and if they, standard politicians prove it with their speeches, then it must be examined what kind of work did they do in life other than speech making, especially considering that many of them are no longer teenagers, but in their 40's and 60's. I have been a working man all my life who works with concrete, a man who never got a single dollar from politics and never will, and I ask to be KILLED if I ever begin to profit from politics, from speech making, from selling my political writings, because such career politicians are exactly what creates poverty in this world to begin with: they are like businesses looking after their business.

    Humanitarian workers who "help" the refugees can be best compared to human traffickers: they work together with those who create conflicts, causing displacement of people. They go around taking pictures of kids and then try to find who can buy what child or a woman, who can use what worker. I talked to a few such humanitarian workers in Lebanon and instantly they reminded me of those kids in school who would make fun of my cheap clothes when I came to USA as a refugee - when I told these humanitarian workers the truth, they looked shocked and offended: they do not want to hear the truth, they are agitated by it when you begin to talk about how the problem of refugees was created in the first place!

  • Under today's world dictatorship, the only way to build up a career in politics is to criticize the establishment, for example: in 2008 US congressman Dennis Kucinich was on stage, in front of the cameras as a presidential candidate, fiercely criticizing US president George Bush, calling him a war criminal. I was impressed and even donated $100 to his campaign. Then, few months later Dennis Kucinich was attending George Bush's state of the Union address, where all the emphasis of cameras was on George Bush, Kucinich was not in the spot light, he was just in the crowd among other law makers, cameras caught him only by accident. And as George Bush was walking out, Dennis Kucinich was observed trying to reach out and shake George Bush's hand, smiling to get a glimpse of his idol. Why would he want to shake hands with a war criminal?... When Al Jazeera network started out, it was mentioned on American mass media every single day, presented as the anti establishment network. It is a way to get people to notice and talk about it, to get attention, because the same name can not be used forever to deceive humanity, like clothes, their names must be changed once in a while.

  • Those who control the media control government - there is no exception to this rule. When they claim American president is the leader, If we can show that 9 our of 10 Americans are against American president, and the media continues to call him a president, then those who control the media are enemies of the people. Another working man who stands up as a leader may be supported by 9 out of 10 people and yet ignored by the mass media - such a person, despite his lack of popularity is the true leader of the people.

  • Countries such as USA, Denmark and Switzerland are not big enough to house all the refugees and other people who would like to come there - prosperity must be allowed to exist in those nations from which people are trying to flee and it can only be possible if America is first liberated from the disease of international bankers, the true welfare class of criminals who control the media and politicians, all of whom profit from conflicts, controversy and the misery of others - Until then, the only thing American that shall and will be appreciated around the world is its' dollar - no one needs Americas' politicians and its' welfare class. To ask to buy American (to save American jobs) is like to ask to buy ice cream from a person on your block and not buy ice cream from a person on a next block - Exact same thing! and the way to combat this problem of "made in China" is to dismantle governments who create regulations, create "America" in the whole world then you IMMEDIATELY eliminate also ALL immigration problems, since no one will be desperate to come to USA because USA will be there too instead of welfare state in America. Bring them "America" and they will leave America alone, that is the vision of the new world government. It must be understood that today, western nations such as America and many others constantly talk about the problems they are having with immigrants, but their corrupt governments participated in wars which have destabilized other nations such as in the Middle East, forcing people to flee those countries and come to places like America to work, competing with American middle class for both jobs and privileges, while a special class that controls the political industry greatly profits.

  • To liberate Iraq or Syria, all America had to do was to bring in their monitors to hold a referendum style elections together with the local authorities and allow people to vote. Intent of US puppet government was to create instability, at which it succeeded. They represent humanity and peace only on television, but outside controlled mass media, is now a well known fact among civilized people world wide that the so called "American" government and the so called axis of "democracy and freedom" the so called "international world community" as they like to call themselves, is a disease to humanity, and so to bring a world peace, step one is to liberate America from international bankers, and the quickest way to do that is to hold a referendum on it's despot puppet government. A referendum must be monitored by the and not by the existing establishment or any of its' fraudulently "elected presidents" and their other pawns.

  • [51] TWO Top
  • To help us unite, we have to understand that there are "two" Syria's, two Americas, two ISIS's, two occupy wall street movements, two tea party movements, two everything - because international bankers hijack every movement they can, every movement that needs money and donations to exist. That is why ISIS is considered to be the biggest monster today - because initially it was a faith based movement - Faith based movements are hard or impossible to corrupt, so it was hijacked - mercenaries brought in who began killing innocent people acting as if they represent the Islamic state. And then if there is a good side and a bad side, the media will usually focus on the bad side, unless it is already under their control, in which case they only have to hide the fact. We must understand and not confuse the original Islamic State with the IMF creation of Islamic state! Original America, with the international banker puppet American government shown on television today. Television will ignore new world government which represents the people. A good example of their hijacking is a Tea party movement: In 2007 in America, a well respected congressman Ron Paul revived a tea party movement with intent to audit federal reserve, which is a creation of international bankers. He was called all kinds of ugly names by the establishment media. MSNBC and FOX NEWS called him a "Crank, Anti American, Isolationist, nut job" ...Then all of a sudden, on January 24th of 2012, on CNN, FOX NEWS, MSNBC, PBS, BBC, NBC ex federal reserve bank chairman Herman Cain was shown giving a tea party response to Obama's state of the union address! What made all this so called independent media so united in deciding that Herman Cain is the new spokesman for the tea party? - They can spin it any way they want, but they are not independent.

    If they hijack democracies and communist systems, and get those systems to fail, then the people will believe that those systems are destined to fail. Like America, I found that Soviet Union had its' good and its' bad about it, but one would have to be quite naive to believe it was a democracy as it claimed to be; that it had real elections as it claimed to have; or that the people were all equal (12)

  • As we open our eyes every morning, unless we are looking into the mirror, we see others but not ourselves. and many of us now, even worse, WE see what the media and the television shows us. And so the illusion is created: “people are so ignorant", the whole "world awaits to see the royal baby" or "nation is on the edge for an announcement from Rick Perry" – no one cares about the royal baby!!! and if several hundred people gather for the lack of anything better to do, after hundreds of millions heard about it on television, that still does not mean the whole world cares. This is the illusion they create, and they create illusions that their politicians are popular until a fraction of society elects them, and then they expose those politicians for fraud that they are to redeem credibility, and the people are again left with themselves to blame for being stupid. all of this, is a world of illusion - the government, the media, our stupidity and their popularity.

    And so it may seem as though society is over run by ignorant degenerates, because they are the ones who are always put on the spotlight, because that is what the establishment wants us to believe, to discourage resistance. they do not allow people like me on television, they want us to think that no one cares, and so it’s not worth doing anything about the situation, because no one will join us, everyone's stupid, lining up to vote for their democrats and republicans, in a super tight race which will determine the fate of the nation. But I WENT to vote couple of times in North Philadelphia, and besides the staff, there was NO ONE THERE, the place was EMPTY. which means that what the establishment shows us on television, large groups of people eagerly lining up to vote, does not represent how Americans in general, overall feel about this democracy. And I remember how in soviet union in the mid 1980’s, 86,87, in a very similar way no one wanted to speak out against communism or even to associate with people such as my parents who were speaking out against the regime - they would walk to the other side of the street when they see them, because at the time the illusion on television was that everyone's happy, popular is communism, the best country in the world. Then magically "masses" overthrew the regime.

    But there is something very important about these types of overthrows that we need to understand, and better than I can explain, is to look at it as the puppet master, the gardener, overthrowing used clumps of vegetation in the fall or before the growing season. But it is very evident that these gardeners, these puppet masters are very lame at their job of gardening the earth - they don't care about traffic jams - they have helicopters and planes to get around, they don't care about the wars they create, they profit from wars, no matter who loses. They don't care about all the crime that is a plague around every single major city of our world, because they live in their private islands and gated communities. but as a person who has LIVED in the garden, I HAD my car windows smashed, which at the time cost me weeks pay to replace, I HAVE been beaten up by gangs, once as I was walking to the music store, because I tried to save a dollar on a bus fare... and then ended up having to take a bus anyway... and I even have been robbed by law enforcement. As a person who has lived in the garden, which is our garden, our earth, I am convinced that having the power, with today's technological advancements, the people themselves can do a much better job at managing the civilization, protecting the nature, rounding up real criminals and so on. With today's technological advancements, all the criminals and thieves and scammers, can all be rounded up as easily as fruit flies to sugar water as they step into the bank to collect their money, but instead, we are living in a society where people distrust each other and are afraid to help each other: In 2006, a car wash business near my house closed. and one of the men who worked there, instantly became homeless. I decided to help him, I let him stay in my place. 2 weeks later, thousands of dollars worth of steel went missing from our place. I know it was him and I know he stole it for drug money. so how are we supposed to help the needy? should we donate to charity? should we pay more taxes so that government can help them? I do not blame society, I blame the system for people being afraid to help each other. and I want your help to change this. I am only seeking power to be able to give power back to the people, it's the only way.

  • [53] PUNISHMENT Top
  • An emotional man may kill a known war criminal if he gets a chance by shooting him in the head or cutting off his head or dropping a bomb on him. in such a case the war criminal is likely to only suffer for a split second before he is set free. On behalf of new world government I state that no war criminals must be killed in such a way, instead war criminals will be sent off to work in labor camps to rebuild what they have destroyed, and if they have not worked a day in their lives, then the actual labor to them may be suffering, but that is not our fault, we forgive everyone.

  • [54] CRIMINALS Top
  • Criminals are not those who behead innocent people - they are just animals; criminals are not those journalists and newsmen who submit and read news stories - they, like most of us are just trying to make a living. Criminals are those who control the mass media behind the scenes and manipulate the truth that the world hears! And they deserve a much bigger punishment than just being shot or beheaded: On September 13th of 2014 as I entered BBC news station in Beirut and I let loose my feelings about situation in the middle east and the suffering of refugees and how easily the conflict can be resolved, the 3 women and one man that was there, their jaws dropped upon hearing me speak for about 10 minutes, there can be no doubt that they fully agreed with everything I said. And so I asked them if I can go on the air to reach out to the people? and one of the women there explained to me that "you can not change the world, why try? it's impossible! we will just lose our jobs, we do not make any decisions here, we only submit the news stories" (Much like artists submit their songs in hopes that they will be published) - The conclusion of author Abrutis is that any politician who goes on the mass media network to tell the "truth" is in fact against the truth, because it's like going to Somalia to try to preach about Christianity - who are they to be our eyes and ears to the outside world? We must not recognize or trust ANYONE on the establishment media, because when criminal begins to tell the truth, it is only to deceive us in the end - Example (47)

  • [55] DONATIONS Top
  • If you would start donating money to me, author Abrutis, to my new world government, let me tell you what would soon happen: volunteers for my organization would show up to help me do my work, I would still be needed to do my speeches once in a while, since my speeches bring in money, but they would advise me to take some of the money and relax, build myself a nice new house, (which I always wanted) I would eventually get some servants to clean my house, since we're always a little bit lazy after work, and I would prefer sexy servants who are more attractive to watch, since I am the author I deserve nice servants. And those helpers, those volunteers who cared about my movement of truth, would very soon do the same as the movement expands. And then, if others can not join my movement to become a part of the business, part of the success, they will start forming their OWN movements which will become rivals - that is how you got now ISIS and you got Al Nusra, you got East Ukraine and you got West Ukraine, you got democrats and you got republicans, and nothing gets done other than illusion of freedom. Money controls them all, the second god, obscuring the real god.

    We are ALL the same, none of us a better than others. no humanitarian or political organization is different. they are all hypocrites. One time when I was in Philippines, I was in a bar and I met this preacher who was supposed to do the lecture at a church in the morning, and there he was, a little drunk, showing me pictures on his phone of the teenage girls he had sex with.

    Any organization that needs money to exist, is already corrupted by money. You help the ONE organization which must unite humanity and dominate over all other organizations, the name of this organization is New World Government, it's author is non other than author Abrutis, and you help this organization NOT by donating money to it, but by doing the work yourself to get the word out about it! if you really want to donate money for the good cause, you can donate money to politicians if they promise to publicize the new world government - politicians will do anything for money, but do not donate to the new world government. I, the author of the new world government, the author Abrutis, the direct servant of god will manage to survive and pay the fees for hosting the new world government web site by going back to work with concrete in the spring when it gets warm, I do not need donations. You can not buy love - if you love god, you invest your money instead by buying ads, print flyers or paying for the billboard that says god bless the new world government (whichever you can effortlessly afford) - keep your money where it belongs: in the business - do not corrupt the one organization in this world that represents the true god, but do not forget we need unity to defeat evil! that is the purpose of Abrutis: only ONE man can unite, two or more men can only create division.

  • We can never agree on everything, but we can all agree that our politicians who make promises to get elected, can almost never keep those promises. I am about to make some big promises, and before you ask me where will I get money to keep those promises, ask them how they got trillions of dollars to spend on wars and on nation building in places such as the middle east, where the biggest profiteers seem to be international bankers and those associated with them such as the media which gets to report on the news. I am making my promises to you as a working man, who works with my own hands, who has never sat on welfare, who never has and never will profit from politics:

    * Every person on earth over the age of 50 shall receive a modest retirement and needed health care, paid for by their local governments, which will no longer be indebted to international bankers - care will be affordable with elimination of middlemen such as pharmaceutical industry, which for example can turn a sale of 50 cent eye drops into a $1,300 robbery, by adding a requirement of prescription by a doctor and a hospital visit in order to be allowed to buy a bottle of those eye drops. It is the old people who worked all kinds of odd jobs throughout their lives in order to create the world in which we are living in. If for example American military personnel who fought in Iraq are destined to receive pensions and benefits, while those Iraqis who fought in their country for the supposedly wrong side end up not receiving those same pensions and benefits, then American military fought not for our freedoms, but only for their own pensions and benefits.

    * Internet access will be free, and communities will be able to decide locally how to service their lines, without any corporation tax added: Internet was invented by people, by tax payers, not by Verizon or Direct TV, who now harass us and shut off what they call "service" if we don't pay the bill on time. Internet will be divided into several major categories such as education, jobs, business, gaming and entertainment.

    * Members of households on public assistance will have their internet access limited to education and jobs. No gaming, no entertainment, no media brainwashing.

    * Local communities shall have the authority and an obligation to ensure that abandoned buildings are restored, unemployed drunkards and drug addicts are put to work and neighborhoods are cleaned, before welfare is given out. I lived in North Philadelphia under Clinton and Bush and the neighborhood looked like a thrash can, while locals kept receiving government hand outs without having to work for it, to clean up the mess.

    * Nuisance such as drug addicts who are causing problems shall be rounded up by local elected community members, and shipped off to labor camps or rehabilitation islands where no access to drugs or alcohol will be available.

    * All elections shall have a for as well as against option for each candidate: Negative votes deduct from positive votes. (Other way those who are publicized the most by the international banker money manipulated mass media will keep winning, because no one can vote against them)

    * Power to issue money shall never leave the hands of the people through their elected representatives

    * No government official shall retire with a bigger pension than the lowest citizen in the society

    * No government official shall live behind a gated community

    * No person, no matter what their crime shall be executed by public servants: instead criminals will be placed in appropriate labor camps and be put to work.

    * Review all laws passed by puppets of international bankers

  • New World Government cannot be compared to communism [[12]remembering communist hypocrisy] it cannot be compared to anarchism; it must not be confused with local governments; critics can call it an idiot's utopia, but it must be understood that establishment's utopia is in existence today, where those in top government positions have better health care and other services than the people they are supposed to serve. First and foremost, the new world government will not need any money, any donations to function - this immediately confuses most people: "how will anything be done without money?" - How do people take care of their parents and children without receiving money? - Out of respect! today, governments around the world have no respect from the people: politicians have to invite pop stars to their events in order to draw larger crowds to look more legitimate, they have to speak out against each other and create a political circus to draw interest - It is a game of hypocrisy and deception.

    Furthermore, when most people are being kept in debt, paying taxes voluntarily seems out of the question. Yet we voluntarily buy nice things for our homes, and our lawns, and our relatives.

    Today's world establishment for example has local people in the middle east who fought against foreign invaders labeled as "terrorists". New world government will have a different perception for the word "terrorist", and that will be politicians who attempt to profit from holding positions of power, who take bribes and deceive their voters. There will be no money necessary to remove these low lives, there will be no laws protecting them and the society will do the job itself as it sees fit.

    DECISIONS MADE LOCALLY - There is nothing worse for example when some big shot living in the city dictates to someone living in the wilderness which trees he can or cannot cut or which animals are endangered and which must be wiped out. Or some oligarchs who have never been stuck in a city traffic dictating infrastructure of the cities through the use of money. Purpose of the new world government is to eliminate such a disease of "clogged arteries" to allow decisions to be made based on logic and desire of the people rather than the use of money; and ordinary people naturally care more about their local issues than they do about something happening a 100 miles away.

    WITHOUT A CENTRALIZED GOVERNMENT THERE WILL ALWAYS BE CONFLICTS AND WARS - Government of the people never has and never will start any wars, because never has the majority of the people advocated any wars: wars of invasion are all an organized crime carried out by those who hijack the governments against the will of majority. Governments are easiest to hijack with the use of money.

    PROTECTING THE NEW WORLD GOVERNMENT FROM HIJACKING - Elected representatives of the new world government will be required to take the following oath upon taking office [6] PROMISE OF A REPRESENTATIVE (Video) Like soldiers who sacrifice their lives for freedoms, so will politicians be required to accept the risk of being assassinated if they deceive the public, however this risk will greatly decrease when the elites who are known to fund different terrorist groups will be globally removed from power.